I saw his defects

and he saw mine,

but due to a mysterious


produced by the feeling of love,

they appeared to us both

not only forgivable

but also lovable...




In memory of




    CAIO LAURA di ANGELA - Gratzie per este Poesia e la Memoria di La Novella di Alberto Moravia *Il Disprezzo* Love the sentimnets expressed in your Poem *TRANSMUTATION* I guess in retrospect that what happened between Brian & I over three Years ago ~ TRANSMUTATION of LOVE ! Thanks for sharing !

    Blessings & Joy & Peace to You & Yours
    Con Amore A e B ed Il Gatto Fumoso ! ! !

    • Laura

      Angela & Brian,

      Thank you for the read and comments.


    • orchidee

      Good write Laura, also read by Brian and Angela's cat (Smokey) and my imaginary dog (Fido)! Cats and dogs that can read now. lol.

      • Laura


        I appreciate your read and comment. Thanks to you and special thanks to your imaginary dog, Fido, for his imaginary read.
        As to your comment,
        “Cats and dogs that can read now”...
        It’s 2020 after all; anything is possible!! Lol


      • Goldfinch60

        That happens when love is there, you become one person.


        • Laura


          Thank you for the read and sagacious comment.


        • Fay Slimm.

          Such a perceptive outlook on love and its power to transmute so that defects can be accepted -- thank you too Laura for the wise quote from a great Italian writer.

          • Laura

            My Dear Fay,

            With much love and gratitude I thank you for the read and most generous comment. I always welcome and appreciate your visits.


          • Romantic Bloom

            Beautiful , thanks for sharing

            • Laura

              Romantic Bloom,

              My pleasure to share.
              I thank you for the read and comment. Very much appreciated.


            • ron parrish aka wordman

              love covers a lot of inperfections and flaws

              • Laura


                A very wise and very much appreciated comment. Thank you.


                • ron parrish aka wordman

                  you`re welcome laura,always a pleasure to read your work

                • Neville

                  Beauty is indeed in the eye of the beholder .. beautiful words Laura ..

                  .. I shall go find Alberto Moravia as soon as I am out of quarantine ...🌻

                  • Laura


                    Thank you for taking the time to grace my page with your visit. Your read and wonderful comment are always appreciated. I hope you’ll find Moravia’s work interesting and to your liking.


                    • Neville

                      Always a pleasure & always mine ...

                      Neville 🌻

                    • Joe Dawson

                      Hi Laura, you have a wise and wonderful pen. All is forgivable when perfect love comes to call. Stay well, Stay safe. Joe

                      • Laura


                        Thank you for the read and most generous comment. I always appreciate your visits.

                        Take care and stay safe.


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