War among Friends

It was a time of peace

we weren't bothered but

carried on regardless

as we separated our spoils

that we had fought for

in times of peace that lasted

between us.


There is a search for peace

to settle down in the land

because it is the foundation

of our lives and no one can

predict when the war would

erupt and end among us

it was brutal, and we relied on

on our  patience which was

our treasure that we received

at night, we were overcome

with grief and sorrow.


There is no army without a rank

we weren't defeated or vanquished

however difficult the task to gain

ground underneath our feet

the heavens were not disturbed

it was war to end the world

the stillness of the war offered

us peace that we yearned for

in the age of the exodus.

How could we be saved by war?

There was feasting and parting

as we witnessed the lamentation

for peace and a cry to end the

bloodshed. No man is above

the war; it was ferocious as we

mustered our weapons to fight

 for peace, the war was our bread of life 

there was no sweat or tears as a man

fell and tumbled among the flowerpots.

There is no justice in any war due

to the bloodshed. Enemies became

friends with a cause and with a belief of

comradeship of purpose and



  • Goldfinch60

    May that brotherhood come to us all in this world and peace reigns.


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