down the rabbithole

The nights are the worst

The nights are the worst

I breathe in the dark air and wish I could smell your skin

Do you remember how I loved to smell you?

It was home, it was comfort, it was you

Do you remember how you would say.. ‘I need to feel skin’

And you would peel the layers of my clothes away to feel me

I stretch my hand out in the dark to play with the hair on your chest

It is only darkness and the empty side of the bed

I squeeze my eyes shut and try to feel you, if only in my dreams

The nights are the worst without your arms

I feel I’m drowning

And you won’t save me anymore

You know I am drowning

But you look away

You are drowning too in your own pain

The nights are the worst

We used to hold tight to each other

Now we drown

With nothing to hold 💔


  • Goldfinch60

    I know exactly how you feel as my wife passed recently and I have nobody to hold.


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