Bloody Pen

Maybe i don't

They will be better without me.

 all I am is a burden

I should end it all, close the curtain.

I planned it out in my mind while sitting in class.

That bell rang, I ran home, tears falling.

I grabbed the blade, staring at the lines made in the past.

I touched my wrist but once it opened wide enough I realized

...maybe I don't wanna die


  • Whimsical_1

    I have defiantly been there as well. Many of the poems on my page before yesterday were geared toward this topic. Im glad you have somewhere to channel it. if you ever need to chat. feel free to reach out
    - Whim

  • Goldfinch60

    You have too much to give in your life before dying, look to the future as every day is special.

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