Romantic Bloom

The Moon & Stars


The glow, the prism of hope to all

The shine so beautiful and bright

Upon the ebony nights sky’s walls


Yes, the prism of light falls

In a spectrum within sight

The glow, the prism of hope to all 


Like the changing leaves of fall

Their colorful rays take flight

Upon the ebony nights sky's walls


Our souls the blissful lights enthralls

a symbiotic relationship ever bright

The glow , the prism of hope to all 


The Moon and stars as nature calls

Joyful like fairies and sprites

Upon the ebony nights sky’s wall


As the twilight night lovingly crawls

The kindred glow at heaven s height

The glow, the prism of hope to all 

Upon the ebony night sky's  wall




  • Neville

    Surely the most perfect villanelle I have variously visited all day ....
    .... All joking aside .. beautiful and and no mean feat, I am both sure and in awe ...


    • Romantic Bloom

      Thanks Neville, the hardest part is finding rhymes that fit the storyline!
      Thanks for stopping by

    • Goldfinch60

      Wonderful words and that last stanza says it all.


    • orchidee

      Good write RB. I was in bed asleep and missed this villanelle. lol.

      • Romantic Bloom

        Thanks Orchidee, Yep we’re definitely in different time zones! Don’t let the bed bugs bite, or was that Fido!

      • Fay Slimm.

        Loud applause for this wonderful villanelle - well done again D.......

        • Romantic Bloom

          Thank you kindly dear Lady Fay!

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