Romantic Bloom



There’s something said of beauty 

As seen in ones  own naked eyes

In the mirror you hope it will lie

But does my own beauty haunt me?  

Acquired age has 

a funny way of 

Altering perceptions 

Now I wear a mask,

 but it’s , not perceived 

They come. In assorted styles  


It covers my nose not my eyes

Yes, protecting others from me

Six feet distancing I must be 

Isolation doesn’t help lies   


The world is 

in a pandemic 

And wearing

mask is mandatory 

As for my beauty , well 

That shall rest for now


 Chando ya no Niebla mis gafas rosadas   

(when I no longer fog up my rosy  glasses) 


  • dusk arising

    Ah the mask of no smiles.... so many times i have said "I'm smiling under this" and it has pleased me when i'm told "yes, i can tell, you smile with your eyes also"

    Am i admitting to being ugly when i wonder if i'm better looking with my mask on? Perhaps i should wear a trench coat too.... and maybe dark glasses?

    Oh that damned fogging up.... if you buy a mask with a metal band in the top and shape it to fit snugly to your nose and cheeks, then it won't mist up your glasses if you tuck it under them... well works for me anyhow.

    I think you are the first i have seen writing about these masks we all have taken to... well done... original.

    • Romantic Bloom

      Yep those steamy glasses, I do have one wired frame for nose, yes it does help, with the heat over here it gets hot wearing those mask! Thanks for the compliment,

      Best to you Dusk

    • Lorna

      But beauty starts with the eyes! Perhaps the best place to look!

      • Romantic Bloom

        Yes, eyes are wondrous to look into, but starring at your own self in mirror as you age, one tends to wear rose colored glasses, meaning denying your age reflection staring back at you!

        Thanks for the read

      • orchidee

        A fine write RB.

      • Goldfinch60

        Look into peoples eyes and you can see the beauty within them.

        The foggy glasses are a pain but the other thing with the masks is that you realise that in spite of having good hearing you have always read peoples lips as well when in conversation.


      • L. B. Mek

        your 'rosy glasses' - perspective's adding a positive twist to your calm measured musings during a time of dreary and confusion, is refreshing!
        a timely write

      • Neville

        This appeals to me no end .. so well writ and of course timely ....

        there is so much truth here too .. although I sense there is a certain amount of tongue in cheeky .........

        ... and for what its worth, I am very much an eye person ..

        10/10 and a gold star ma'am ...

        • Romantic Bloom

          Awe much appreciated dear Neville, I always try to infuse a bit of humor, very subtle here!

          Thanks again take care

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