For A While

Always restless

Always on the move

One more place to be

Another road

Tinted fields flashed by

Mist mountains ahead

Unfolding landscapes

Your hand pulling

Urging mine along

Until you found a hill

I couldn't climb

A place I couldn't 

Go just yet

You couldn't stop

I did my best

And so, for now,

You've had to leave me

Here to rest


  • Goldfinch60

    That hill may be a challenge but after your rest it will be easy to climb.


    • Lorna

      Good...... I'm ready now. Everyone should know when to leave the party. Even Churchill said he was bored by it all on his deathbed. I know, I know, be upbeat, positive and jolly.

    • Neville

      this is one of those that invokes a slow and steady sigh ...

      filled to the point of overflowing with a timeless ache ...

      that which I understand and know ...

      ... Neville

      • Lorna

        Yes I'm good at depression.........

      • Fay Slimm.

        The feel of sad parting oozes through these poignant lines my friend - - must be read over again and now in my list of faves.

        • Lorna

          Thank you for your fave Fay......... I hope I'm not spreading depression...........

        • orchidee

          Ohhh, let's leave it then! What's the point going up the hill, if we gotta come down it again? lol.
          "Erm, cos it's there, 'tis why we climb it"as some mountain-climbers said.

          • Lorna

            You have to climb up but you can roll down.............

            • orchidee

              Yep, let's roll - down the hill I mean, not in the hay! Woof! I started my 'watchdog' Fido barking now. lol.

            • peto

              Love how you wrote this one
              Full of emotion
              Won't go all cliche on you
              Was a bit alarmed by your reply to Goldfinch but that could just be my muddled head

              • Lorna

                Thanks for your comment....... your head is just fine..........

              • Laura


                Such a heart-rending piece of writing.
                If I understand what you’re saying, I’m going to say something that I hope it’ll make you smile...I’m glad you couldn’t climb that hill—not just yet.


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