Romantic Bloom


Do you fear gazing into

the eyes of evil,

and freeze when you

realize it looking into

your eyes  


Do you fear getting old

and wrinkled, or the image of

your mirror as you pass it by?  


Do you fear the knock on your

door at night, a loved one,

a cop,or perhaps a bad guy?  


Do you fear loneliness

as each day passes  

by, you feel the heartache

and ask yourself why?   

Do you fear the unknown

walking at night,

afraid someone may kill you,

then you'll die   

Do you fear failure 

while sitting on

your behind, fooling yourself

into thinking your

fear is Just a lie  


Do you fear that

aliens are walking

amongst us,

and that they

are here to just multiply   

Do you fear

happiness will never

find your door 

so you look for it

everywhere, but in

your own eyes 


Tell me why fear? 

Why let fear

take you for a ride! 

Don't let it control you;  

take a grip of the demon

and refuse to

let it control you


  • dusk arising

    Is there really that much fear around??? Not for me I aasure you and I don't think i'm at all exceptional in that respect.
    The demons you mention are created by demon makers like the ones who teach children to live in fear of god,... and then go on to confuse by saying god is the god of love (which must be true). Yep, fear is an evil created by organised religions.. an original sin.

    • Romantic Bloom

      Many types of fears abound, fear of water, germs, spiders, heights! The fear is within ourselves, that Is the demon which I speak of, thanks for your comment and read

    • Neville

      there is not a single thing that I knowingly fear .. I do dread the thought however of any of my family, friends or those I hold dear ever suffering, or being in pain ...

      I also tend to believe that as a species, we have a tendency to avoid, or 'fear' the unknown ...

      I did enjoy and understand your poem today though and it reminded me a little of something I scribbled many years ago about how we collectively perceive certain things .....


      • Romantic Bloom

        Thank you kindly, yes the unknown! I fear walking alone at night! So many unknowns out there!

        Take Care

        • Neville

          ............................................................................................................................. Dont go out walking alone

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        • Lorna

          I think once you wrestle with the fear of death and come to realize that it isn't that bad then all the other fears will be much much less.

          • Romantic Bloom

            Not sure why people fear death, maybe they just want to live a longer life! Or afraid of hell!

            Thanks for stopping by

          • Goldfinch60

            Fear is not something I have, all is at peace in my world

            “ Do you fear getting old
            and wrinkled, or the image of
            your mirror as you pass it by? “

            been there done that but there is nothing to fear as I got up this morning and all is well.


            • Romantic Bloom

              Thanks Andy, mother once said she didn’t want to grow old, unfortunately she died of cancer at a young age!

            • ANGELA & BRIAN

              ANGELA AQUI - HOLA ROMANTICA - como estes ahora ? Gracias por esta Poema ~ Mucho Timor ? Fear of ~ Old Age - Knocks on the Door - Lonliness - Walking alone @ Night - Failure - Aliens - Unhappiness - Demons & Death ! Que Lastima !
              Because BRIAN & I are Committed Christians we have NONE of these FEARS - NO TENGO TIMOR ! Psalm 23 says *The Lord is my Shepherd - I have everything I need ! Even though I walk in the Valley of Death - I will fear No Evil - Because I am indwelt by Gods Holy Spirit 24/7 - AMEN ! We have no fear of Death because after Physical Death we have Eternal Spiritual Life - With GOD in Heaven - AMEN Comfort each other with these WORDS ! Thanks for Sharing - The Perfect Love of GOD casts out All forms of FEAR - Amen !

              Blessings & Peace & Joy ~ con AMOR
              Angela - Brian y El Gato Ahumido 💛💛💛
              Please check latest FUSION & add an ODE - Thanks ABC
              *Hows Your Leader coping with COVID 19 ?*

              • dusk arising

                How come so many catholics (your brand of christianity) admit to having been brought up to fear god as educated by your church..... which one of youy is lieing?

                • ANGELA & BRIAN

                  ANGELA HERE - Good Afternoon DA - Thanks for your conundrum ! Its all a matter of semnatics. My Parents are Catholics and I was raised a a Devout Catholic (Brian is an Evangelical) and I was taught that *The FEAR of GOD* was NOT being AFRAID of GOD - BUT - *Having a deep Respect for GOD and being Awe of Gods Power & Authority !* A FEAR of GOD led Me to Love Him & NOT be afraid of HIM - AMEN. The same is true of the other Persons of the TRINITY - JESUS who loved us enough to DIE to redeem us from our Sins. We also LOVE the HOLY SPIRIT ! The first *Fruit of the Holy Spirit* is LOVE. I loved all the Leaders of the Church and I was raised in London by a Loving Catholic Family. In the same Way Brian was raised in Liverpool in a Loving Evangelical Family and taught to Love & Respect the Trinity. The majority of people in the UK in the 21st Century do not respect God or the Scriptures (Bible) and consider Christianity & Judaism to be antiquainted & outmoded & mythical ! Those of us who are *Believers* find our Faith gives us great Joy & Peace in a time of COVID 19 Turmoil - AMEN. Brian & I are Members of An Evangelical Church and my Parents have attended Services and are Hapy about that !

                  Love JOY & PEACE to YOU & YOURS
                  Angela & Brian & Smokey ! ! !

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                • L. B. Mek

                  'Do you fear the unknown
                  walking at night,
                  afraid someone may kill you,
                  then you'll die'
                  a tad bleak at times, I think... lol,
                  still a good write full of thought provoking observations and I applaud its positive message, in this year of poisonous uncertainty and festering divisive mentality's

                  • Romantic Bloom

                    Thanks Mek, this was definitely an old written piece, or I might have included
                    Fear of getting COVID-19!

                    Yes, that was pretty intense, being a women
                    One never knows, if a rapist, or thief lurks about! I took a self defense class! Once! I thought if I wore loose baggie clothes it wouldn’t attract a man! Now , I read not to wear loose clothes, because they can grab you easier! The same with pony tails!

                    Anyhow thanks for stopping by!


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