Trenz Pruca

I used to measure life in years.

I used to measure
life in years.
Now I measure it
in months.

it changed not
what I do.
It only changed
what it means.


  • Audax

    Very simple and straightforward. Great job!

    • Trenz Pruca

      Yhank you...

      • Audax

        You’re welcome! Please check out some of my work. I would greatly appreciate it!

      • Goldfinch60

        Measuring life in years or months is only a number, but as we go forward those numbers do not matter is we can enjoy every moment of our lives, each moment is so special.


        • Trenz Pruca

          Yes I agree, but when we grow older we do not change what we do so much as why we do it.

        • Lorna

          And soon weeks and then days.......... it's all good...........

          • Trenz Pruca

            Ah yes -- but "the days grow shorter when we reach September"...

          • Romantic Bloom

            In today’s world, how can we not measure it any other way! I suppose in a war torn country, perhaps they measure it day to day!

            • Trenz Pruca

              When we are old we do so too.

            • Joe Dawson

              You are right, If life were a cake we hardly get a crumb. Joe

              • Trenz Pruca

                Yes, our golden years are seldom golden. The days really do grow shorter when you reach September. And eventually they do dwindle down to a precious few but, alas, you rarely know how few...
                Thank you for your comment.

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