Romantic Bloom


Sunshine your warmth so soothing to my skin

It's any wonder Why I bathe in thee,

Makes me smile and all earth creatures grin

I love how your sun sets upon the seas


I love your warmth caressing the lands

Every mountain curve, every desert plain 

Every flower blossom sprouting so grand

The warmth of your sun after the cool rains


Blessed ever dear, as you shine so brightly 

My eyes can explore the wonders of the earth

I Can't imagine a world so nightly  

Sunshine you're a blessing, I praise your birth


Every  sunset to sunrise in the sky

Warms my heart and makes my soul fly






  • Goldfinch60

    With words like these RB the sun will always be with you.


  • Neville

    I doubt anyone can read these words without feeling a little warm glow .. I know I did ... and it aint even light outside yet .... I just know it will be though ..........

    ... Neville

    • Romantic Bloom

      Thanks Neville, may sunshine caress you gently and warm your soul

    • orchidee

      A fine sunshiney write RB.

      • Romantic Bloom

        Thanks Orchidee!,, best to you!

      • Fay Slimm.

        A pleasure to read such a sun-shiny verse - -- - I enjoyed every warm and loving line.

        • Romantic Bloom

          Glad you enjoyed the read dearest Fay!

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