Abu Aeesh

'Hope,' I told her

“So what do you write about?” She asked

“Mostly? Hope. I write about hope,” I said.

“In other words, you write about things that haven't happened yet?”

I looked at her benign eyes and wonder when they'll hold me as I incurably fall into their depth day after day. And then I looked at the world around me and the thickness of colors the world is yet to know. Yet to breathe. 

“Yes,” I said “things that are yet to happen” 



  • Goldfinch60

    Those things still to happen will be wonderful.


    • Abu Aeesh

      Sure they will.

    • L. B. Mek

      firstly, your perfectly chosen picture immediately gifts the reader the perfect mindset to receive your flowing words on unrequited - but not yet surrendered tethers to yearned love, deceptively simple and yet relatable on so many levels,
      a wonderful read

      • Abu Aeesh

        Thank you. Really appreciate it πŸ™

      • Lorna

        I adored this....... a whole lifetime in a few short lines......... (and just a note aside..... I read your name and said it aloud just to hear what it sounded like and it sounded like a poem - that is if I was saying it correctly). I hope you finish the story...........

        • Abu Aeesh

          Well thank you. I appreciate it. I'm sure you were saying it correctly. It's sort of a nickname meaning father of Aeesh (no I'm not married. Probably too young to have a daughter β€”and I'm just realizing this β€” that I'm too hopeful and so even my nickname screams. Anyways...) thanks. I hope I finish it too 😊

          • Lorna

            Little Aeesh....... the world awaits her........

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