The Arrows of Time

When young and strong

The stance of men

Confident and agile

They could lift the world

Wanted you to believe it

Until it reflected back to them

From your captured heart

It was unassailable

Their assurance

But left you unprepared

For when the years rusted the armor

And the visor parted

To unmask the vulnerable eyes beneath


  • Fay Slimm.

    Love this exposure of macho men and what happens when meeting that female heart - - love the message contained in the last few words.

  • Neville

    This is filled with an important and poignant message of truth for all those who in the prime of their youth believe like I once did, that I was immortal ....


    • Lorna

      Oh you are to the right person..............

    • orchidee

      Oh lol, the title. You know, do you, that Goldfinch and I were at The Battle of Hastings (UK) in 1066, in person?
      I mucked it all up. I said to King Harold 'Look up, Sir' at a vital moment, when an arrow was going by. He did, and the rest is literally history!
      It's the 954th Reunion tomorrow. We meet up annually in Hastings (so I say. lol).
      One has to have been there in person in 1066, to be allowed to attend the Reunion. It's nutty! It's us being eccentric English.
      Erm, this comment is not filled with an important message, etc (what Neville said).

      • Lorna

        You have a lot to answer for Orchi! One misstep in time........ do you really attend an event for 1066 or did you make that up? I can't tell with you......... it must be fun if so.........

        • Goldfinch60

          Orchi and I will meet at the The Battle pub today, I'll have my mead and Orchi will have his water and I will tell him once more that he should not have pointed up in the sky asking Harold "What's that up there?" 🤣


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        • ANGELA & BRIAN

          BRIAN HERE - Good Evening LORNA - Thanks for a wake-up call ! Love the Video & Lyrics - reminded me a bit of Don Williams & His style of Song ! *Dont let the old Man in* is a pipe dream ! We*re born with HIM (The Old Man) in our GENES ! I trust that although I will age EXTERNALLY over the next 50 years - INTERNALLY I will be renewed every day - AMEN. This Poem has pierced Me with three arrows - loss of Libido - loss of Mobility and loss of Mental Alertness when Im 87 ! Currently Im 37 - Invincible & in my PRIME. But if I Fast Forward to 2070 I will (God Willing) be 87 and a very different SPECTRE from the MAN you see today ! Lack of Mobility due to Hip Replacements - walkin with a stick. Glasses for reading & driving (very short distances if at all ?). Hair - White & Thinning - Nice Smile but with NHS Teeth ! My mind still sharp (but much slower) and my Libido only a memory ! Thank God I will still have Angela (82) Physios never die Young. Both of us living in two rooms in a very warm & comfortable Retirement Home - Near our Children & Grandcildren & within Walking distance of the Shops - AMEN. Ageing is inevitable but one can prepare for it & grow old gradually not overnight ! Thanks for raising the Subject it sure makes one think ahead ! Pleased You still see the Young Man hiding beneath te ravages of Time - Id love to be 17 again - despite COVID 19 !

          Blessings & Peace to You & Yours
          Love Angela - Brian - Smokey ! ! !

          • Lorna

            Well that's a long way off........... didn't mean to rush you........ where is this nice warm and comfortable retirement home (and affordable?) anyway..........lol...........

          • Goldfinch60

            Very true words Lorna, when young you believe that you can do anything but as age creeps up you learn from experience that you are limited in what you can do and when, like me, you reach the twilight of your life you realise that the things that you CAN do are the most important but are still able to smile at those dreams you had when young.


            • Lorna

              May you always smile............

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