Romantic Bloom

The Dent on my Pillow

The moonlight keeps me company 

the velvet darkness is my friend

In the early hours of the morning 

when thoughts of you never seem to end


The stars up in the sky softly glisten

Like the sparkle in your eyes 

As the  moonlight patiently listens

To the silent whispers in the sky 


The answers my soul seeks to know 

while my heart seems to deny

Why I lay awake talking to the moon 

As the lonely  hours pass me by


The dent on your pillow is still there 

from days gone by

I imagine you'll return to me

But I realize it's just a lie


As the night fades and the stars hide 

the moonlight waves goodbye 

The sunlight paints your pillow

And once again  I cry





  • jarcher54

    Very touching... we've pretty much all known that dent on the pillow. Nothing will ever fix it, but the experience makes us stronger and more grateful for other blessings that come along. Thanks for sharing this little vignette. I wonder if I'll be able to sleep tonight!

  • The Uneducated O.A.P

    Lovely words R.B

    • Romantic Bloom

      Thanks, glad you enjoyed these few lines!

    • Goldfinch60

      Very emotive write Melissa, may the stars always shine for you.


      • Romantic Bloom

        Hehe! This is Dove, thanks again Andy!

      • Joe Dawson

        With a heart like yours, I am certain love is on your trail and love will find you. A deep and meaningful write. Joe

        • Romantic Bloom

          Thank you kindly Joe, glad you enjoyed!

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