L. B. Mek

of Immortal Poetry

Our beloved,

‘they’ whisper your demise

far, far too early

 ‘they’ wish it, maybe

 ‘they’ dare not, proclaim it



no other source of solace

ever existed

to cater to all

born from all





chewed out


consumed - loud


with deft sanctity, treasured: in our mind’s mouth,


embracing a new generation

with that progressive mindset of ‘spoken word’

Epic heritage - wilfully denied

by futuristic young minds, with their assembly line Degrees of certainty


to keep You modern, remake You in their image

with ‘open mic’ nights, denouncing

all archaic rhyming traditions

while reigniting discovery paths: to Beowulf, Homer and their like.


Written versions too, are now

text chained, to character count – limitations,



o                               t                                t

           e                               d


all over a canvas

of digital





And, yet - Yet still!

Our beloved, through it all

You, remain that unyielding mirror of truth


and excavated bravely, brazenly - raw

from all of humanity’s

emotional baggage claim - drains, 

a check point - dam

holding back the suffocating tidal waves

of Bukowski’s

‘genius Crowd’

and ‘their’ self-subjugating wilful ignorance of petty intolerance

to all things different - but still: defiantly proud!


‘They’ lie

to comfort those 3am introspection's - fuelling, treacherous realisations

of self-distorting silhouettes in their SNS profiles:

adulthood’s, playground trappings of cesspool conformity


until, that hour inevitably arrives

           where nothing authentic remains

           allowing that crippling misery to threaten

their last thread to true warmth – bereft

           of all things real.


Then maybe: ‘they’ flip or scroll a page

Read or Hear

a word or two and swallow

a mouthful of rhythmic empathy

                      pulsing - to their heartbeat’s cadence

stumbling upon that lifesaving Classic

of bequeathed wisdom - soothing: all their aches




one - breath of Poetic salvation at a time…



© L. B. Mek

July 2020         


  • Joe Dawson

    We are in deep territory here, a style that suits your pen very well. The truth is always in flux I fancy, moulded in the image of current thinking with no regard for the harm done or potential hurt inflicted, nothing beats changing the rules, what better way to stand out in a crowd? A fine work and a most absorbing read, Joe

    • L. B. Mek

      thank you! so kind of you to proactively try and connect with my write,
      I accept write's like this blur the lines between Poetry and Prose far too murky, to be appreciated - easily, though sometimes to get across that voice bubbling inside us - in a manner that's accessible to most, we choose to sacrifice those Artistic elements of Poetry - we treasure dearly

    • dusk arising

      Hmmm I'd like to think there is a third way as I cannot claim to be nor wish to be 'modern'. That is to simply get on with it - whatever it is, and for me here it's poetry. Whether mine is any good, conventional, rule breaking or absurd I leave for others as I am comfortable with 'the way I do it' and do not seek comparison. But i do like to be read lol.

      I'm not sure whether i have lost the plot in your piece today. That Bukowski root was excellent and set the tone for my interpretation of yours.

      • L. B. Mek

        when all else fails: borrow from true genius to voice your words for you!
        thank you for your measured response and as always for trying to connect with and be supportive-of - my humble scribbles

      • Michael Edwards

        The work of a true wordsmith in your own great style.

        • L. B. Mek

          too kind Michael, it is a small glimpse at the measure of the person you are, that you continually choose to comment and support on my least popular of effort's - it is noticed and appreciated: much more than you can ever imagine,
          thank you!

        • Romantic Bloom

          Well I applaud your format and structure! I have struggled formatting my words here!
          I enjoy the digital era of words, and no doubt , would not be exposed to fine wordsmiths!
          I do say, I still need to read more works of art! Kinda stuck on Detective Mysteries!

          • L. B. Mek

            I am a Sherlock fan and think Lisa Gardner is one of the most undervalued author's - ever, so I can relate being stuck on those dastardly addictive Mysteries, read what you enjoy: cherish, what you enjoy! lol
            thanks for the encouraging feedback

          • Neville

            this is one of those real one of a kind s............... enjoyed an not likely to be forgot ...

            • L. B. Mek

              lol, thanks for the PG version comment
              I will freely admit this is a divisive write, but hopefully the emotive intent will help soothe any bruised Amygdala's, all in all: it's meant as a love song to All things Poetry,

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