Los Echoes

Los Echoes


We don’t

need a reason, do we

and just because we can

it doesn’t mean we have to, does it


Here though,

as I lay anticipating angels,

with you

in another room, entertaining them


All those

days of ours mean nothing

do they 

and are now just lost moments in time


And therefore

because I am nothing and no-one

I can pretend I am free without guilt

We don’t need a reason at all now, do we ..



  • Fay Slimm.

    Freeing feelings from guilt makes former clandestine days full of meaning - - another beguiling poetic situation to contemplate Nev. - and composed so very well .

    • Neville

      Thanking you kindly and true my friend ... Always appreciated

      ............ Neville

    • orchidee

      Someone having fun? Glad someone is, cos Fido won't let me! lol.

      • Neville

        ...................................... Thanks Orchidee ................................

      • dusk arising

        Reading others poetry we create a meaning from the familiar in our life.

        Today i read this as a driver sat in a waiting room whilst his wife fought for her life in another room after a motor accident. The driver feeling very humble and wishing he could exchange places.

        Well that's where you took me today. I felt this was written from the edge of feelings. Intriguing and stimulating for my remaining few grey cells.

        • Neville

          I get a real kick out of folk coming up with different interpretations .. some of em, like yours today DA are more intriguing and inspirational than that which served as the prime motivator to put pen to paper in the first place ... Thank you my friend ...
          ... Neville

        • MendedFences27

          "Echoes" of bygone days, now blessed with the freedom of maturity, what perhaps was complicated is now unbound. What was unreachable can now be attained. What were "just lost moments in time" can now become moments of fulfillment.
          "Do we," "does it," and "do we," again seem like "echoes" from those "lost moments."
          Beginning and ending on the same refrain brings the concept full circle, and adds another slice of "Echo." A very clever poem, well written and expressed. A retrospective self-inquiry. Made me ponder my own past relations. - Phil A.

          • Neville

            It seems you can see write through me my friend .. many thanks indeed and whatever else you do, stay well

            ... Neville

          • Goldfinch60

            Those moments in time gave me some wonderful memories when my lover was by my side but now on my own I am becoming a different person and seeming to become "free without guilt".


            • Neville

              You write music to my ears Andy ... good on ya and truly sir

              ... Neville

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