dusk arising

you ask me why?



she asked of me
the unanswerable
"tell me you cad,
why you love me?"

For the way you make me feel
turning everyday problems unreal
for this spring my step now knows
and the vigour which tickles my toes
the adoration i have for your eyes
the curve of your neck, your soft sighs
the way you've included me in
making us a quite impossible sin
and how softly you coat the mundane
the foolishness you make life's game
your impossible way with my stove
your beautiful, pert little nose
the indignant way when you curse
and that picture of me in your purse
and that one thing which makes you - just you
whatever it is, i've no clue


  • orchidee

    Good write Dusk.

    • dusk arising

      A Fine comment Orchidee, thank you.

      • orchidee

        Erm, 'Why' then? I'm asking. lol. Do shut up, Orchi!

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      • Michael Edwards

        One never knows - just the little things I guess - great write (pleased you wrote 'sighs' and not 'thighs' - or there again...!)

        • dusk arising

          I knew that temptation as I wrote it and guessed each reader may have a similar thought.... thighs - sighs ... the two just follow somehow.

        • L. B. Mek

          Beautiful, imbued with the warmth that only 'being in love' can bestow, although my favourite part is in the author's comment section:
          '... but I know what love is for it has journeyed with me, romanced me, and pleasured my existence along the way to here'

          • dusk arising

            You enjoyed this didn't you - so did I. But it was even more enjoyable in the flesh! Thanks LBM, we all need a bit of loving along the way.

          • The Uneducated O.A.P

            "Picture in the purse," my wife has one of those, she uses it to frighten off muggers.
            I ain't got a clue either,even after 50 years.
            Good words today

            • dusk arising

              50 years? Youd be out now if youd strangled her on ya honeymoon.... you remember - it was the first time she said ...well I hope you dont expect me to......

              Thanks, glad u enjoyed.

              • The Uneducated O.A.P

                Dunno what yer on about, lol

              • Neville

                beautiful words indeed DA .. there will be many out here that will immediately recognise and relate to many of those examples you have shared with us today .. funny how we notice those little things innit ...


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