myself and me

Sleepless night

Tonight, I can't fall asleep
the moon is too bright
shine cold light
on the empty loverseat
the intimacy has long gone
melancholy fills the air
how could I
fall asleep


Tonight, I can't fall asleep
the wind is so strong
shaking the pedals off the branches
the soft whisper has died out
the roar fills my ears
how could I
fall asleep


Tonight, I can not fall asleep
the bed is lifeless
neat and white
without you in my dreams
nightmares keep my eyes wide open
how could I
fall asleep


Why should I fall asleep
with the moon so bright
with the wind so strong
with no one warm the bed
with no company in my dream
I won't fall asleep


  • germanamericanchurch

    Touching - we are social beings

  • Goldfinch60

    Good emotive write.


  • Bragee

    sometimes life can feel so empty....
    Good Write!

  • yellowrose

    All that life outside ... the moon and the wind and yet you feel so alone and empty . A very good poem ! Enjoyed reading

  • Teddy.15

    I have nights like this, as I'm sure we for various reason, it's a powerful peice some will find comfort in a giant moon outside but your point comes across very well, nightmares keep me up too, your imagery speaks.

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