Lili Ahlam

The beat of your tune

The pages, the words that would be written, I lived them every day.

They were written; But instead of existing on empty pages,

They were written in me; By you.


It turns out you had created me;

Out of your imagination.

You created me,

to always love you


Of course;

What else would you want from your creation?

Except to love you forever;

to have it long for you always;

For it never to exist far away from you.


I wonder if you knew how good an author you are,

If you realise your power of invention;

how your invention still takes small steps in the distance,

to the beat of your tune.


  • dusk arising

    Close the distance and bring us more.


    • Lili Ahlam

      Thank you Dusk arising! I shall try.

    • Fay Slimm.

      Welcome to M.P.S Lili and with this haunt of a read on the power of created control in the name of love your words will be relatable of that I am sure - an inventive style written with honesty which reminds me of those I have known in the same situation.......... hoping to read more of your work soon. - - warmly from Fay

      • Lili Ahlam

        Thank you so much Fay. I really appreciated your feedback. You’re right, the words did come from within.

      • MendedFences27

        A couple of ideas are offered up here; on the one hand is the power of words, and on the other is the lack of self-determination. An author creates characters not living humans. Words should not be used to control people for ones self-interest. People must have enough self control to resist intimidation. Your poem highlights both and as such is a provocative write. Keep writing, there is power in your words. - Phil A.

        • Lili Ahlam

          Thank you Phil for the encouragement. I shall try and keep writing!

        • Goldfinch60

          May those words that created you be seen from that creation you have become.
          Very good words Lili.

          Welcome to MPS.


          • Lili Ahlam

            Thank you! Really appreciate your feedback.

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