Trenz Pruca


I am
more than you think me to be.
I am
more than you see before you.


I am
my past and my future
my dreams and nightmares
my hopes and my fears
my loves and my hates.
My thoughts and my doubts.


I am
the air I breath
the water I drink
the food I eat
my piss,
my shit,
my tears.


I am
the sun caressing my skin
the breeze, the grit
the hot, the cold.


I am
the books I read,
the music I hear
the songs I sing
the whispers and the shouts,
the noise and the silence.


But I am more 

much more.


I am my organs, my cells,
molecules, and protons,
electrons, bosons, and quarks
within me.
I am here there, everywhere,
and nowhere.


I am a mote in time
a speck in the biosphere.
I am energy
I am information.
I am a concept


I am a universe
unto myself.


I am.


  • Goldfinch60



  • dusk arising

    I'm just a beautiful tree which was reincarnated as a human being... i'll get over it I hope.

  • L. B. Mek

    wonderfully self empowering,
    Indeed: You are!
    I wrote something similar once, so I connect with your words, deep

  • Fay Slimm.

    I can relate to each line in this superb conception of the life we all share - we are all these wondrous things and more. I am adding this gem to my favourites dear Trenz.

  • FineB

    Hello Trenz,

    An excellent write.

    We are all individuals so divinely unique and beautiful in our own special ways.

    Keep writing ✍ and safe during these challenging times.

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