A Smile in the Dark


It’s so easy to cry,

In such horrid times,

But to prolong such pain,

Can become a crime,

So, sit down, get comfy,

Get ready for some mirth,

No more tears today to make,

A lake upon this Earth,

Let’s have a joke, shall we,

So that we can break the ice,

To stir some joyous rumbling,

Turning unpleasantness in to nice:


Ahem! “What do you call a pavement/sidewalk, that is used by garishly confident women?” “Broadway!”


The obvious question to ask,

Is, “did that make you laugh?”

If it did not, I apologise,

And will do better in the re-draft,

But if it did, then good for us,

We need to smile in the dark,

To fuel our collective spirit,

In order to leave our mark,

A testament of our survival,

Through this pandemic malaise,

This darkness won’t last forever,

So, prepare for better days.   

  • Author: AuburnScribbler (Offline Offline)
  • Published: November 3rd, 2020 07:53
  • Comment from author about the poem: Here is a more light-hearted poem, that I hope brings you a smile in the dark, (to keep me somewhat covered, I'm sorry about the poor joke in advance), hope you enjoy and please do take care.
  • Category: Friendship
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  • Aryal Allen

    I had to read the joke over to understand it. And though I did not smile or laugh at the joke, your apology made me smile. So, thank you. 🙂

    • AuburnScribbler

      Glad that you enjoyed the poem Aaliyah, and that you smiled as a result of it.

      Have a good one, and take care.

    • Mil57Man

      Good one. Hey the joke is kickin'

      • AuburnScribbler

        Thanks Mil57Man, I wasn't sure about the joke but glad that you enjoyed it.

        Have a good one, and take care.

      • Goldfinch60

        Apology accepted Ben.
        There will be better days for us in these strange times, we still have our words and our music both of which has been a lifeline to me .


        • AuburnScribbler

          Very true Andy, as long as we have the means to be creative, that will always be a positive boon for all of us.

          Didn't like the pavement joke, hmm....let's see, how about this one:

          I was in a hotel lobby the other day, and I heard two chess grandmasters bragging about past wins, I suppose you could say that they were "two chess nuts, boasting in an open foyer!" I know it's not Christmas yet, but this one tickled me.

          Anyway, thanks again and take care.


          • Goldfinch60

            Yep, that one caused me to have a grin, thank you Ben.


          • Aryal Allen

            And you, Happy Birthday!

            • AuburnScribbler

              Thank you Aaliyah, though it's going to be a strange one, I am going to have a good one.

              Thanks again, and take care.

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