dusk arising

it saddens me

it saddens me
old 'blood and guts'
the heroes and their glory
behind them trails a deathly story

it saddens me
as kids we'd create
rattle of gunfire in our throats
though father missed the homecoming boats

       those who were given no surrender
       expendable souls of our dead defenders
       facing deaths machine with no place to go  
       no glorious tomorrow riding Winnie's dynamo

it saddens me
to have no answer
did they die for peace 'ever after'
we feigned 'glory' and hid their 'disaster'

it saddens me

  • Author: dusk arising (Offline Offline)
  • Published: November 9th, 2020 10:26
  • Comment from author about the poem: This was written about those of a particular battle in WW2 but is equally applicable to all servicemen engaged in warfare, The 51st Highland Division who Winston Churchill sacrificed in north France as a sideshow so that his operation dynamo (the evacuation at Dunkirk) could take place. Churchill, nicknamed winnie (or old blood and guts because of his previous record in Britains fighting history) ordered the 51st Highland Division to fight to the death against the vastly superior and better equipped Nazis under general Erwin Rommel. They were defeated out of ammunition at St Valery-en-Caux on the coast and General Fortune surrendered the remaining 11,000 soldiers 5,000 of whom were wounded and all were taken as prisoners of war. Their courage and sacrifice never received any recognition. No campaign medal was ever awarded. This is not a tribute, I cannot find words fine enough to write a tribute to these betrayed loyal men.\r\n
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  • AwHec8

    Truer words are seldom spoken in this here World dusk arising. Leaders get to lead, while Soldiers get to do the dying. So right of you to make such an eloquent Poem out of the misery regular People go through in life for their part. Especially in War. Then to be discarded for some reason put out by the powers that be. Then to close it out with "what's the point!" Great Write. Don

  • Fay Slimm.

    I remember a documentary about that tragic affair and the Highland Division of men sacrificed - -- so much hidden by war and its mongers that your sadness brought tears as this reader realized the absence of real recognition - shame on those responsible for this tragic neglect.

  • Neville

    it effin saddens me too sir ..

    ... you poem so well a sick and sad reality that reinforces the futility of war and the far too many miscarriages of justice that occur during any and all of em ...

    your authors note sums it all up perfectly .. betrayed loyal men



  • Goldfinch60

    It saddens me as well, for all the honour Churchill received the evil he did before and during the war is never brought to the surface. One of my friends totally despises him.


  • L. B. Mek

    'it saddens me
    as kids we'd create
    rattle of gunfire in our throats
    though father missed the homecoming boats'
    wonderful imagery, so vivid I hear those loud throats rattling, juxtaposed to the emptiness of boat engines that never hummed their return...
    admittedly I favourited mostly for the detailed tribute you wrote in your Poet's comment, so that when I go back to re-read your poem, I will remember and pay the due gratitude this forgotten soldiers are owed,
    thank you for allowing me to shed one more fragment of my ignorance and for introducing me to this morbid legacy of our collective heritage as members of humanity

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