Aa Harvey

My final line

My final line



The sky is black, the curtains have been closed.

I have lost all the love in the world; so empty; so alone.

The lights are turned out, the heating is off.

It was once so bright and warm here,

But now all that was and all my dreams are lost.



I am without a hope; nothing to see.

Everything gone; broken pieces.

The clock has stopped,

My world no longer spins;

Time is at an end and there will be no more beginning.

I pray for reincarnation, but I am without faith.

The only emotions I had, like my hair, they are all fading to grey.



The roots have cracked,

The branches have snapped,

The leaves have fallen,

The trunk is under attack,

From the cells inside;

No light shines from my eyes.



I can no longer smile, this is my final mile.

At the end of a short race,

I could never keep up with the pace.

My pacemaker heart needs another kick-start.

Hook me up with love;

Do you have her number?

Tell her I am going soon and this is no rumour.



But if she wants to be loved for a moment in time,

Then she should let me know if she wants to be loved,

Before I read my final line…



(C)2017 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.



  • wordsbynee

    This is very deep but beautiful .

  • Syd

    Thid is such a heartbreaking poem but beautifully written....and to think it was about cocaine when I read the title.

    Take care - Syd

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