Romantic Bloom


Come stay with me through the night

Take my hand and if you feel the same

Stay with me for a lifetime 

wrapped inside my passionate flames


My abiding love. I offer it to you

my soul through the storms in life

 So will you stay with me and rescue

my lonely heart, give my soul some spice


I’ll fill your nights with fire,

with a passion that burns like coals

I will fulfill all your desires

and show you a love that never grows cold 


I will stay with you through every pain 

Or till death approaches my door

Stay with  me darling if you feel the same

For a lifetime of love, forever more





  • Fay Slimm.

    Oh lovely -- - all through the loving tender appeal makes its claims so gently - one of your best dear Dove......... into my list of faves this goes.

    • Romantic Bloom

      Thank you kindly dear Fay! It’s one of my oldie but goodies writes! Thanks for adding to Favorites

    • orchidee

      Oohh, OK, I will then. I mght swoon though! heehee.

      • Romantic Bloom

        Wink!!!!! Thanks again Orchidee!!!

        • orchidee

          Ohhh, I know. but I must leave my shelter; stop beating about the bush; get my coat and get out more; stop dilly-dallying. By the time I done all that, there's no time left to see ya. Doh! I can't win. lol

        • The Uneducated O.A.P

          Great words there, shame I'm in lockdown, oh, also married.

          • Romantic Bloom

            Oh the Darn Lockdowns! Thanks again for stopping by

          • Doggerel Dave

            Both deeply affecting and erotic.........aah......

            Many thanks for that one.

            • Romantic Bloom

              You are most welcome Dear Sir!!! Take Care

            • ANGELA & BRIAN

              Buenas Tardes - ANGELA AQUI - Hola Paloma = como este Tu ahora? Gracias por una Poema d'Amor directo de Tu Amorada Carazon !
              Loved every line and I could feel the passion I will write a *Love Poem * like thta for BRIAN in HIS Christmas Card - He loved it too.
              On another Subject we think JOE & MALALA are a Dream Ticket & are praying for them every day as they seek to repair the Environmental & Social Damage inflicted on the USA in the last four Years by GRUMP ! He must never be allowed to RUN AGAIN for PRESIDENT ~ AMEN

              Blessings & Paz & Alegria to YOU & YOURS
              Con Amor Angela - Brian Y El Gato Ahumido ! ! !

              • Romantic Bloom

                Awe many Thanks mis Amigos! Hopefully Brian, will be blessed by many of your beautiful lovely words, Here we know your love, but privately your passion will flow through the personal cards!

                Best to you all, hugs to Smokey

              • Goldfinch60

                Such wonderful emotive words RB, that love will last for eternity.


                • Romantic Bloom

                  Love for an Eternity, certainly a great title for a poem, and something to aspire to have
                  Thanks for stopping by

                • L. B. Mek

                  whoever inspired these words to resonate within you must be a special individual, not easy to instil such intricately profound feeling's in each other, thank you for sharing this courageous dedication,
                  brilliantly written!

                • Romantic Bloom

                  Thanks Mek, your words are truly appreciated! Loved them,

                  Best to you and thanks for stopping by

                • Neville

                  I just know there has to be someone out here who is not only a lucky individual but who is probably blushing all over ................ a super love song/poem and most deserving of all the praise and positivity being heaped upon both it and you ma'am ...


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