Servant Sheep

Tune: Merrial

('Now the day is over')

Psalm 119 v.173-176


Let your hand (Spirit), LORD, help me

I have chosen, see

Your precepts, will obey

Unto final day


Longed for your salvation

LORD of each nation

Have I, and your law be

My delights still, see


Let my soul live, it shall

Praise you, and do well

Let your judgements help me

I with them agree


I have gone astray, sheep

Lost I am like, keep

And seek me, your servant

Lowly, reverent


  • Goldfinch60

    Good one Orchi, but I am not lost any more.


    • orchidee

      Thanks Gold.

    • dusk arising

      And were in the precepts does it say go to church or even that a church is necessary. Other than remember the sabbath (which is not a sunday actually) and keep it holy.

      • orchidee

        Thanks dusk. Well, no, it does say anywhere 'Thou shalt - or must - go to church'.

        • dusk arising

          Like i have pointed out so many times... it's all a man made thing .... corrupt men thousands of years ago muscled in on the jesus thing and created what has ended up as the church we know today..... completely unnecessary .... not required by jesus..... and christians think they are following the word of jesus.. bullshit!

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        • Neville

          just you be careful Orchidee .. you can only go so far with a sheep ewe know ...

          • orchidee

            Thanks Neville. Erm, nope, I never seen a sheep in a butler's or maid's uniform serving, have you? Though I thought I saw a guy in a woolly jumper serving once (??!!). Did he go 'Baaa' or am I talking Baaa Humbug?

          • ANGELA & BRIAN

            BRIAN HERE ~ Gut Montag Abend Onkel Steve ! Thanks for a Great *Olden Goldie* wih the werds ! Angel & I are singing a Duet too it ZOOM STYLE as in Lockdown Church !
            Psalm 118 is always a great Blessing v 176 (AV)

            I have gon astray lke a ost Sheep
            Seek thy Servant
            I do NOT forget Thy Comandments

            • orchidee

              Thanks B&A.

            • Samreen Chowdhury

              very spiritual, just what i like! thanks for sharing!

              • orchidee

                Thanks Samreen.

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