Until I did

I never thought that I have been through hell

Until I got out and turned around

Broken bottles scattered around the floor

Hidden feelings

Crude humor to conceal the pain, the hate, the anger


I never knew I survived life without them

Until I turned around


I never believed I survived myself

Until I turned around


I never saw myself this ahead

Until I saw the view from the mountains I climbed


I never envisioned myself at peace

Until I closed my eyes and no tears came out


I never thought I could

Until I did





  • Goldfinch60

    We should always look ahead in our lives, the passed has given us the experience to be where we are today.


  • dusk arising

    This is an excellent piece of poetry. It displays what I have taken to heart, that poetry it's self is like a therapy. You can write yourself out of a bad place and it looks like you've done just that and in this piece you briefly look back along your path.
    I'm an old man now and have seen a lot of changes, coincidentally today I post something i wrote about a low period in my early life.

    What doesn't kill you, makes you stronger.

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