Sad eyes

Sad eyes of hers smile at the world

sad eyes of hers laugh and sing happy songs 

sad eyes of hers hides behind a sea of lies 

sad eyes of hers slowly start to die inside 


her sad eyes look out at a world of chaos 

her sad eyes unable to see the good and the light

Her sad eyes slowly turn to sea of sorrow and mountains of blood 

her sad eyed turn to clouds and mist


and her view becomes distorted, and her arms start to cry, and her head starts to spin, and the people turn to shadows 

and she's falling down, and she's spinning round, and she's screaming and crying out for nobody to hear.

She can't take it anymore

she wants to end it all 

She jumps and starts to fall.

her arm is grabbed 

and the red string is tied 

happy eyes take her by surprise 

a smile so bright it brought her light 

a heart so bruised

she becomes confused 

but it's ok he would say 

and all the pain goes away 


  • Clara

    A sad tale becoming more recognisable in each of us. A good write.

    • Liisung

      Thank you

    • Goldfinch60

      Emotive write but showing that out of sadness happiness is always there.


      • Liisung

        I’m glad you could see the meaning behind it

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