chaos in every beauty


love is so beautiful, innocent and poetic

until it’s not

until innocence turns to disruption

until beauty turns to the inner ugly in someone

and until the poems you are writing about love

are the same ones you wrote in a place of agony

in a disruptive, inner ugly, point of nothing but pain

love is the most chaotic thing

in the whole world.


  • Goldfinch60

    LOve is chaotic until you find the one that is for you and then your life becomes so smooth.

    Welcome to MPS.

  • PoeticBiscuit

    Love is one of the strongest aspects of life. It can be your savior or your demise. Who knows which side of the coin it might fall?

    Welcome to MPS!


    ANGGELA HERE - Good Morning Payton - Welcome to MPS - Thanks for your FIRST POEM - I speaks a lot of truth ! Ecstacy & Agony ore two sides of the same coin. In LOVE & LIFE it just depends which side it falls ! Im 32 and Ive been married 8 months to the *Love of my Life* Brian whom I met 4 Years ago. Some day your Prince will come too - AMEN !

    MPS works by reading & commenting on each others Poems. Please check our site - Thanks A & B

    Love & Joy - Angela & Brian ! !

  • RDS

    Nice insights and well rounded verse. It's tru all human relations are chaotic. We are sensitive to initial conditions and forever striving to shape reality round the life we imagined once upon a time.
    Stay creative!

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