Poetic Dan

I didn't know this until you came to exist

I love finding someone new, a fresh energy that's says you have it too..

Like this poet RDS, I've spent the whole morning reading his text.. Putting me in tears then laughing again but one better is the comments other souls provide! You feel more than the words, it's a tribe that is constantly changing and staying alive!

For I can be everything or nothing, I feel so much energy that I could explode or none at all, so what's the point in all!  Yet I'm learning its just for the experience or interaction with life!!

I thought the other day, my daughter does not like books because of the pictures and words but what we made them represent to her!

If I did nothing they would just flap about but with magic of our energy, we breath life into the imagination of what could it be about! As I have no monkey, lion, snake or elephant about..

Just me & mum the dogs, plus other sprouts.... So within the blink of an eye I'm in a new spectacular prospective to remember..

Life is exactly what you make it! There is no faking it, you exist. I'm greatful that you made it!


  • PoeticBiscuit

    Great write Dan. This community is definitely amazing. Being able to ride each other’s waves of inspiration and then return the favor down the road. I know I’ve been inspired by many on here.

    • Poetic Dan

      Yes buddy, you definitely have provided your fear share for me. Been some time but we are all playing our part, big or small every ripple counts... Even if it is just for the self

    • Goldfinch60

      Super write Dan, your life is in a great place and will be forever with you.

      Love the video.


      • Poetic Dan

        Ha, finally back on that river of harmony and could not be happier to see you are still floating so blissfully in front. Captain of his boat, a blessing to know this spirit of your soul!!

        Always appreciate your time my friend

        Can't believe I fall asleep everytime I go to catch the next episode! Tonight for sure lol

      • RDS

        Wow I am humbled thank you Dan, yes you're right the comments sometimes hold rare gems that can't be held in a poem. Unless they inspire a new one that holds the glitter and glimmering to account.
        Yes humbled to find myself inspiring when I totter along...barely making sense or being coherent. Guess it's about finding a place where ideas resonate and agile minds are quick to pick up random threads they turn into a new dress or patches for an old much loved jacket.
        We all have different turns of phrase and hooks to catch attention that increase with our exposure to other writers or styles we never tried ourselves
        Stay creative bud.

        • Poetic Dan

          I think my main point was much like my little and her book or maybe going to a gig, in some case a rave ;)
          It's what the art that is so good, feeling the reaction of the ones that are joining along that really make it all come alive!!

          Today you truly reminded me of this!

          Always appreciate your time!
          Much peace and respect

        • The Uneducated O.A.P

          How much is that doggy in the window, woof, woof,
          The worth is incalculable , the same as the great people on here that post their poems and then comment and give advice on others. Worth their weight in gold, even one comment is a great pick me up.
          Good write.

          • Poetic Dan

            Absolutely my friend! I had many ones and sometimes it makes it feel that you know it's the more you give the more that returns and yet find it in your own to understand when you each get that turn...

            Think I am about to go to deep with time one... I'll stop now!

            Cheers me old muse!

          • L. B. Mek

            another of your life affirmingly exclamation write's that has me energised!
            wonderful flow as well, thank you for the positivity, just what I needed on a dreary Monday morning

            • Poetic Dan

              Ha ha, wish I could go back there as before 8 am I help an older lady then got threatened by a gentleman and got in a rather heavy dark vibration that end with me shaking as he wanted to call the police!!

              Luckily another local I know stop and gave me her time and help settle my mind.

              I think this many have to turn into another write, as I still can't clear it and need to keep moving forward!

              Your time means the world to be and is always appreciated!

              As now I remember I can still be empowering and be empowered as your comment just did!

              Much peace and respect
              Trying to keep it ;)

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