The boat in the harbour.

The waves, the clouds and a choppy sea.

The chains in the harbour hold and set free.

Rusty and tired with strong strength beneath. Don’t give now, you’ve held on so long.

Muster the strength.

Weather the storm.


Innocence glistens.

I watch it dance.

The wind it listens.

Waiting to advance.

The small boat is still, & sitting on land.

The small boat is quiet & peaceful, calm.

It knows nothing of the trouble ahed.

The gusts of the sea & how it tests me.



The rain tip tapping, it started lightweight.

Thunderclouds looming, thunder clouds break.

Violent waves crash, we couldn’t foresee.

The chains are struggling. Struggling at sea.

Weak. Unsure how much more they can take.

Weaker yet.

They are starting to break.

Don’t give now, you’ve held on so long.

Muster the strength.

Weather the storm.

Wait in the harbour for the next to come along.

The sea will be choppy, calm and free.

What ever will be, will be, you see.


Sit back, listen, watch & roam.

Never to ever feel alone.

The sea will always bring you back home.

Growing & grown.

Chains old & worn but wiser than known.

Stronger together, comfort they’ve shown.

To hold, guide, to & fro.

To welcome back & let go some more.

The chains of the harbour hold and set free.

The chains of the harbour, the wee boat, you & me.


  • orchidee

    Good write Mary.

    • marymoon

      Thank you


      ANGELA HERE ~ Good Evening MARY welcome to MPS ! It is a proactive site and functions by reading & commenting on each other poems ~ OK Please check our site ~ Thanks A & B.
      Thanks for your first Poem - about the Problems faced by Sailors on the Open Sea and an analogy with the the traumas faced in every day life. Brian & I enjoy Sailing and we agree ! We live in very perilous times and we are never really safe until we are anchored in the harbour ! Thanks for sharing an excellent Poem which pulsates with Rhyme & the Rhythm of the Sea ~ more please !

      Blessings & Peace to You & Yours
      Love Angela & Brian & Smokey ! ! !

    • Goldfinch60

      Good write Mary, the vagaries of the sea can change so quickly but the chains will hold your lives together in harmony.

      Welcome to MPS.

    • L. B. Mek

      you took me on a journey as stormy and rewarding as Melville, though mercifully utilising a much more digestible 'stream' of words, and not that Leviathan 'Ocean' he subjected us to traverse,
      good read

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