WE had seen ADVENT CANDLES in Churches but had never had one of our own. This YEAR one of our NEIGHBOURS presented us with ONE ~ AMEN !  It showed the days ~ as we count down to CHRISTMAS ~ DOVES & The Wise Men with their Gifts - Gold = Frankincense & Myrrh. Love Angela - Brian - Smokey Cat πŸ’›πŸ’›πŸ’›  


A DVENT always starts on First December

N OTIFICATION of the Birth of Jesus !


A N Advent Candle always marked with the

D AYS of December and as it burns it

V ERIFIES ~ One Day nearer to CHRISTMAS !

E ACH DAY is one more Day ~ to Meditate 

N OEL the SEASON !  Our Candle shows the .......



C HOOSE GOLD ~ Because JESUS is  *King of Kings*

A ND INCENSE ~ Because He is  *Our High Priest*

N EXT MYRRH ~ Because He*d *Suffer for Our Sins*

D ON*T let COVID 19 ~ Spoil your CHRISTMAS

L ET*S Eat - Drink - Be Merry with Our Loved Ones

E XPERIENCE ~ True meaning of CHRISTMAS ~ AMEN !


Thanks for visit comments welcome !


 This Advent Poem is presented as a BLANK VERS2 6 6 Sonnet.

To make it scan each line is an Iambic Pentameter ~

Ten syllables to each line ~ please check ~ OK !


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  • Published: December 4th, 2020 01:56
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  • orchidee

    Good write B&A.
    Woof! Fido says Advent may start at the end of November some years, with Advent Sunday (it was last Sunday). Advent Calendars start on 1st December though.
    But - I got no gold! I should be so lucky (if I believed in luck, which I don't!). Or 'Gold? Chance would be a fine thing!' heehee.


      Good Morning - Uncle Steve thanks for your comment . It really is CHRISTMAS today in ESSEX - 3 inces of REAL SNOW so weve got our SNOW BOOTS on ready for work. To honour this we are posting a NEW FUSION *TREASURES OF THEyer SNOW* please add a POEM later ! Does FIDO like the SNOW ? SMOKEY shot out this morning but quickly shot in again ! Does your Church have a MEGA ADVENT CALLENDER - Lots of C of Es do. We have a large CHRISTMAS TREE & a large ADVENT CALLENDER for the KIDS ! Our Evangelical CHURCH is open each day for Prayer and Coffee & Donuts ~ AMEN !

      Blessing & Joy to YOU & Freezing FIDO
      Spiritual Love A & B & El Gato Frigido ! ! !

      • orchidee

        We have some nice 'improper rain' of drizzle. Some proper rain too. lol. Sorry to say this, but one church hardly knows what Advent - or a hymn book - is! Erm, so they don't closely observe the 'church year'. Well, I was keen one year. I walked 2 hours to that church one Christmas when it was -9C. A bit of wasted journey though, as half of them had gone away to relatives, and it was a poor show of a Service (do stop moaning Orchi, says Fido!). I've had better Christmases.

      • Michael Edwards

        A fine write but there's only one syllable in marked - well you did ask us to check - oh, and an errant amen πŸ˜‰

        • ANGELA & BRIAN

          Thanks Uncle Mike ~ BRIAN HERE ~ Mea culpa ~ I checked the syllables ~ I should have accented the *e*. To correct I have added an extra SYLLABLE ~ to Line 3 ! Thanks for you kind observation !

          Blessings & Prayers for You & Jeanne
          Love Angela Brian Smokey ! ! !

        • Dove

          Cute! Merry Christmas, if I don’t venture here before then!
          Best to the Trio

        • Maxine Smith

          A lovely read you two.

          Very sweet, well done.

          • ANGELA & BRIAN

            Good Afternoon Maxine ~ Thanks for your comment ~ pleased you enjoyed it ! We are determinded not to let a SILLY VIRUS spoil our Christmas. It is our First Christmas in our First Home and we have invited our Parents for Chrismas Day ~ AMEN !

            Love & Joy & Peace to You & Yours
            Angela Brian & Smokey Cat πŸ’›πŸ’›πŸ’›

            • Maxine Smith

              Aw congratulations to the two of you.

              I hope you both have a very merry Xmas!

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