In EAST ESSEX today we woke to a REAL SNOW SCENE !
Have you seen the *Treasures of the Snow* ?
To most SNOW*s Inconvenient *Cold & Wet*
Yet the KIDS all love it ~ They dont fret
They are smilin* slidin* throwin* BALLS
They even go on playin* when MUMMY calls !
So why does GOD highlight *Treasures of the SNOW* ?
So what are these treasures *What does our CREATOR KNOW ?
Snow insulates the SOIL ~ keeps WORMS & Microbes living
Ready for Spring planting ~ Autumns Harvest giving !
SNOW up in the Mountains~ stores water ~ reservoirs
To augment the growing & the April Showers
But there*s another Treasure ~ Early Man didn*t know
An amazing Treasure in the *Structure of the Snow*
Every Snowflake*s different ~ perfect hexagon
Place it on the Microscpe ~ see it ~ then its GONE
So please dont rant & rave at SNOW all enjoy its PLEASURES
The *Beauty of a Snowflake* just ONE of its TREASURES !
Thanks for visit please add your SNOW POEM

I met Job in person
Being very old - As I say
The day the LORD answered him
And said words, including
'The treasures of the snow'
(And I've seen a film of it too)
Job 38 v.22 it is
And now a song
On Treasures of the Snow
I'm gonna sing it - Oh no!!(lol)
Or maybe you have rain
'Improper rain' of drizzle
Or 'proper' rain where you get properly wet!

In the land of sleet and snow
Sullen skies they glare and glow
Bitter winds they bite and blow
Felt that I should let you know
In the land of sleet and snow
Snowflakes fall, both fast and slow
Cloaks in white - that crisp combo:
Holly leaves and mistletoe!

I’m an artist and I ought
to paint something and so I thought
I’d have a go at painting snow
so with my trusty paints in tow
and wrapped in fleece and feeling keen
I went outside to view the scene
but on applying paint to snow
It melted and began to flow
And as my zest began to taper
I made a pledge to stick to paper.

For a little while I suffered grief in fiery trials
Solid and stagnant like snow,
Everything was a full stop
Divers troubles had befallen me
Barriers I had to break with perseverance
Warming the snowflake to see its other side
To taste the hidden treasures of the snow

As in a dreamscape my footfall crunched
on fallen snow neath new year sky
when i happened upon a conversation rare
between those two snowmen, just over there
as steamy breath left his frosty lips
I swear i heard one snowman's quip
"Can you smell carrots?" he asked the other
....... dusky the snowman .......

I guess my greatest Treasures
Are in the childhood Pleasures
Making Snowmen in the SNOW
Each time I see the snowy Snow
It brings memories I know
Making Snowmen in the SNOW
Dads old hat ~ carrot nose
Coal for eyes ~ thats what we chose
Making Snowmen in the

THE VISUAL shows 16 drawings of Snow Crystals
Billions of SNOWFLAKES fell on Essex today !
Each one was different ! The hexagonal shape
Is due to the way WATER MOLECULES H - O - H
Combine together Hexagonally by HYDROGEN BONDING.
The reulting HEXAGONS are more complex than the
Drawings so EACH one is DIFFERENT ~ AMEN
Have you appreciated the *TREASURES of the SNOW*
Thnaks for VISIT please ad your own POEM about
the SNOW ! Hurry there*s only a few slots left!

Snowflake Treasure
Snowflakes you’ are so soothing to my skin

It’s any wonder why I bathe in thee

It makes me smile and many others' grin
Love how your sparkle shines all over me
I like the way your flakes kisses the land

Every mountain curve, every high terrain
Every Snowflake crystal reaching so grand

The touch of your flakes  pleasurable like rains
Yes, Blessed am I that you fall so softly
My eyes can explore the wonders of earth

Can imagine your wondrous fall nightly
Winter is a blessing, I praise your birth 

Each lovely Snowflake that falls from the sky

Warms my heart and  even makes the soul fly

Our lane had a hill
very steep and quite TALL
but none had a sledge
to make use of it ALL.
Though when the snow CAME
we were really quite GAME
to experience the THHRIL
speeding down that great HILL.
Johnny found slick plastic panels
i found pads off some chairs.
Clad in school caps and WELLIES
and down on our BELLIES
eager for that DESCENT
though we'd simply no NOTION
that once we had MOTION
such incredible speeds we then WENT.
and having no BRAKES
we'd crash the farm GATE
and screaming with LAUGHTER
our game ever AFTER
was back up that HILL
for yet another speed THRIL.
That winter of nineteen sixty TWO
heaviest snows and fingers turned BLUE
ten years old, my playground the WORLD
the innocence of youth as the Cuba crisis UNFURLED
......... dusky, boyhood king of the slopes ........

Come to me before winter.
Please do not wait.
The ice has just hardened.
The snow is like powder,
but soon it may be to late.
The snow may deepen,
and the wind might blow harder.
Just in case,
I will clear a way.
I will leave the fire burning,
so you may see it,
though the window.
Then you will know,
where I stay.
Do your best,
to come before winter-
before it's freezing weather.
So you and I,
can start off winter,
with Christmas being together.


  • Sindhuja

    Wonderful dear.

  • ForeverJesus6

    Congratulations on receiving so many views. You two really are more-than-good poets.

    To my brother Brian and sister Angela in Christ

    Persistence is key

  • Suresh

    May you continue to intertwine in your life as you so poetically do in your words

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