TRADITION !  The reason why CHRISTMAS is so so special is because it is ALWAYS the SAME ! Same Tree - same Turkey - same Pudding (which we set on FIRE !) etc etc etc !  AND of course CHRISTMAS CRACKERS ! They were invented by TOM BUTLER over 150 years ago and they never ever change ! In millions of Crackers there are only 10 Mottos - 10 Jokes & 10 silly gifts and a paper crown ~ TRADITION !  You can make 10 for 100 pence or pay £100 for 10 @ Harrods - BUT they are exactly the same ! Millions are pulled every year and will be ad finitum ! Its CHRISMAS - its TRADITION !  Love Angela & Brian XOXOX


CHRISTMAS CRACKERS !  In a digital age ?

They*re  rather Old Fashioned ~ they say

In the last CENTURY they were all the rage

BUT ~ They*re still part of CHRISTMAS TODAY !


They cant be updated ~ They are what they are

Like the Pudding ~ the Turkey ~ the Sprouts

The CYNICS all say ~ *They will just fade away !*

With other TRADITIONS ~ But I have my doubts !


Once they were cheap ~ but now they*re expensive

Whats inside*s exactly the same

A Motto - a Joke - a Wotsit - a Hat

When you pull it a BANG and * A Flash of Blue Flame !*


When setting the TABLE for *The Feast of the Year*

Best knives - forks & spoons & spark-ling glasses

No table is neat - effete & complete ....... 

Until with each setting ~ there is CRACKERS ~ AMEN !


Thanks for visit comments welcome - Love Angela & Brian   




  • orchidee

    Good write A&B. I'm off to Harrods then. If they got none in, I'm off to Poundland!


      BRIAN HERE ~ Morning Uncle Steve there are always those who will pay more for things just because they can ! It makes them feel superior ! We have bought two boxes from M & S as illustrated. M & S Crackers always give a good BANG and the hats are adult size ! WE will visit HARRODS when we go to the Smoke but we only buy things in the FOOD HALL ! This is our first Christmas in our New Home so we will be very TRAD with a REAL TREE which is already planted (& decorated ) in the FRONT GARDEN !

      Blessings & Joy to YOU & Festive Fido
      Love in the Spirit A & B & El Gato ! ! !

      • orchidee

        You said that twice. I say, You said that twice! I knows you wants to but an elephant's foot and ostrich egg from Harrods! lol.
        Yes, some won't accept 'free' things - tickets, etc. They would rather pay, in their pride and snobbery.
        A pity M&S are so snooty in their adverts on telly. I'm sure the staff are not like that. It reflects badly on them. I was helped kindly in M&S recently.
        I dunno about WH Smith. They got a poor show - unhelpful, unfriendly, given dirty looks by some assistants, etc. Half their tills are not open anyway. I gave up on a purchase there, frustratingly. Whoops, my sister worked there a while!

      • Michael Edwards

        A lilting read - bring on the crackers.

        • ANGELA & BRIAN

          A & B here ~ hnaks Uncle Mike ~ pleased you enjoyed it ! Yes CCs are a bit addictive !

          Blessings & Prayers to You & Jeanne
          Love Angela Brian Smokey XOXOX

        • The Uneducated O.A.P

          Crackers, fit in well here, cause we are crackers. Far too many crackers on our overloaded Christmas tree, standing under our ceiling with its oversized decorations. We love em. The tree lights are on all day, just going outside now to put lights on the outside tree, might even go in the shed to carve some wooden crackers to go on it! Lol

          • ANGELA & BRIAN

            Good Afternoon BILL ~ A & B here catching up on MPS ! You are a MAN after our own Hearts ~ An embryonic DAD X ! We are only having an Outside Tree this year in the Front Garden with a GAZEEBO so we can serve our Neighbours & Friends Hot Mince Pies etc & Mulled Red Rioja Wine on Xmas Eve & Boxing Day ! Wooden Crackers sound great ~ very rustic & rural ! Real ones disintegrate in the rain ! WE play Badminton so we have made our *Outside Crackers* with colouured Plastic Tubing with an old SHUTTLECOCK stuck in each each end ! Inventive & Pracical ! Please check our latest Fusion *MEMORIES* an easy topi for ALL !

            Blessings & Love to YOU & YOUR
            Angela & Brian & Smokey ! ! !

            • The Uneducated O.A.P

              Have a great time, I'll have a look. Elvis sang a song called 'Memories,,shows off his voice really well, have a listen, I think you'll like it.
              Have fun, Bill

            • Fay Slimm.

              Tradition of crackers have always excited the child in me - old fashioned maybe but still love the feeling when hearing them BANG.

              • ANGELA & BRIAN

                ANGEAL HERE - No clinic til 11 coffee & MPS time ! The interesting thing to me about BRITISH Cmas Crackers is that they are frozen in time and have not changed in 150 years ! You cant improve ona CHRISTMAS CRACKER. As you say they always invoke memories of CHILDHOOD ! Beacause my MAMA is English CCs have always been part of MY Christmas Tradition. We have already bought TWO BOXES from M & S our fave Food Store in Town. Please check our fusion - Thanks !

                Blessings & Peace & Joy
                Love A & B & Smokey XOXOX

              • Christina8

                I'm curious about christmas crackers, never had one. Sounds fun!!

                • ANGELA & BRIAN

                  ANGELA & BRIAN HERE ~ Hola CHRISTINA Felicitones a Tu y La Sua Famillia ~ como estes ! We are always surprised that AMERICANS dont have *CRACKERS* @ CHRISTMAS ! Baiscally they are a hollow tube which contains - Paper Hat - motto - joke and a small toy like an animal or a whistle. A detonator wit a small charge is in the middle and attached to both ends ! With a partner you grasp both ends and PULL ! It goes bang and one of you (agreed before hand !) gets the contents ! A box of 12 (as illustrated) costs about £3 = $4 ! You could buy a box on AMAZON ~ OK. Please check our FUSION on MEMORIES ! How are you all ? Please post a C8 peom thanks ! We are well and the VACCINATION has started. Our first CAT ~ SNOWEY brins us a lot of JOY. Wewill be able to have both sets of Parents for CHRISTMAS DINNER ~ AMEN ! We have put our CHRISTMAS TREE outside with a GAZEEBO so The Neighbours & Friends can have a Mince on Christmas Eve & Boxing Day ~ AMEN ! Are you pleased about JOE & MALALA ? They will DUMP TRUMP eventually and He will retire to FLORIDA and never run for PRESIDENT AGAIN the stupid REPUBLICANS have a lot to answer for ~ please 'pray that they will come to their senses in 2024 !

                  Benediciones y Paz y Alegria a Todos
                  Amor de Angela Brian y El Gato XOXOX


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