TRADITION !  The reason why CHRISTMAS is so so special is because it is ALWAYS the SAME ! Same Tree - same Turkey - same Pudding (which we set on FIRE !) etc etc etc !  AND of course CHRISTMAS CRACKERS ! They were invented by TOM BUTLER over 150 years ago and they never ever change ! In millions of Crackers there are only 10 Mottos - 10 Jokes & 10 silly gifts and a paper crown ~ TRADITION !  You can make 10 for 100 pence or pay £100 for 10 @ Harrods - BUT they are exactly the same ! Millions are pulled every year and will be ad finitum ! Its CHRISMAS - its TRADITION !  Love Angela & Brian XOXOX


CHRISTMAS CRACKERS !  In a digital age ?

They*re  rather Old Fashioned ~ they say

In the last CENTURY they were all the rage

BUT ~ They*re still part of CHRISTMAS TODAY !


They cant be updated ~ They are what they are

Like the Pudding ~ the Turkey ~ the Sprouts

The CYNICS all say ~ *They will just fade away !*

With other TRADITIONS ~ But I have my doubts !


Once they were cheap ~ but now they*re expensive

Whats inside*s exactly the same

A Motto - a Joke - a Wotsit - a Hat

When you pull it a BANG and * A Flash of Blue Flame !*


When setting the TABLE for *The Feast of the Year*

Best knives - forks & spoons & spark-ling glasses

No table is neat - effete & complete ....... 

Until with each setting ~ there is CRACKERS ~ AMEN !


Thanks for visit comments welcome - Love Angela & Brian   



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  • orchidee

    Good write A&B. I'm off to Harrods then. If they got none in, I'm off to Poundland!


      BRIAN HERE ~ Morning Uncle Steve there are always those who will pay more for things just because they can ! It makes them feel superior ! We have bought two boxes from M & S as illustrated. M & S Crackers always give a good BANG and the hats are adult size ! WE will visit HARRODS when we go to the Smoke but we only buy things in the FOOD HALL ! This is our first Christmas in our New Home so we will be very TRAD with a REAL TREE which is already planted (& decorated ) in the FRONT GARDEN !

      Blessings & Joy to YOU & Festive Fido
      Love in the Spirit A & B & El Gato ! ! !

      • orchidee

        You said that twice. I say, You said that twice! I knows you wants to but an elephant's foot and ostrich egg from Harrods! lol.
        Yes, some won't accept 'free' things - tickets, etc. They would rather pay, in their pride and snobbery.
        A pity M&S are so snooty in their adverts on telly. I'm sure the staff are not like that. It reflects badly on them. I was helped kindly in M&S recently.
        I dunno about WH Smith. They got a poor show - unhelpful, unfriendly, given dirty looks by some assistants, etc. Half their tills are not open anyway. I gave up on a purchase there, frustratingly. Whoops, my sister worked there a while!

      • Michael Edwards

        A lilting read - bring on the crackers.

        • ANGELA & BRIAN

          A & B here ~ hnaks Uncle Mike ~ pleased you enjoyed it ! Yes CCs are a bit addictive !

          Blessings & Prayers to You & Jeanne
          Love Angela Brian Smokey XOXOX

        • Fay Slimm.

          Tradition of crackers have always excited the child in me - old fashioned maybe but still love the feeling when hearing them BANG.

          • ANGELA & BRIAN

            ANGEAL HERE - No clinic til 11 coffee & MPS time ! The interesting thing to me about BRITISH Cmas Crackers is that they are frozen in time and have not changed in 150 years ! You cant improve ona CHRISTMAS CRACKER. As you say they always invoke memories of CHILDHOOD ! Beacause my MAMA is English CCs have always been part of MY Christmas Tradition. We have already bought TWO BOXES from M & S our fave Food Store in Town. Please check our fusion - Thanks !

            Blessings & Peace & Joy
            Love A & B & Smokey XOXOX

          • Christina8

            I'm curious about christmas crackers, never had one. Sounds fun!!

            • ANGELA & BRIAN

              ANGELA & BRIAN HERE ~ Hola CHRISTINA Felicitones a Tu y La Sua Famillia ~ como estes ! We are always surprised that AMERICANS dont have *CRACKERS* @ CHRISTMAS ! Baiscally they are a hollow tube which contains - Paper Hat - motto - joke and a small toy like an animal or a whistle. A detonator wit a small charge is in the middle and attached to both ends ! With a partner you grasp both ends and PULL ! It goes bang and one of you (agreed before hand !) gets the contents ! A box of 12 (as illustrated) costs about £3 = $4 ! You could buy a box on AMAZON ~ OK. Please check our FUSION on MEMORIES ! How are you all ? Please post a C8 peom thanks ! We are well and the VACCINATION has started. Our first CAT ~ SNOWEY brins us a lot of JOY. Wewill be able to have both sets of Parents for CHRISTMAS DINNER ~ AMEN ! We have put our CHRISTMAS TREE outside with a GAZEEBO so The Neighbours & Friends can have a Mince on Christmas Eve & Boxing Day ~ AMEN ! Are you pleased about JOE & MALALA ? They will DUMP TRUMP eventually and He will retire to FLORIDA and never run for PRESIDENT AGAIN the stupid REPUBLICANS have a lot to answer for ~ please 'pray that they will come to their senses in 2024 !

              Benediciones y Paz y Alegria a Todos
              Amor de Angela Brian y El Gato XOXOX


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