Eternal Elation

Tune: Winchester New

('On Jordan's bank the Baptist's cry')

Revelation 22 v.1-5


In new Jerusalem there be

Pure river, water of life, see

Clear as crystal, proceeds from throne

Of God and of the Lamb (Christ) there known


In middle of street of city

And either side of river be

The tree of life, does bear twelve fruits

Produces as each month it suits


Leaves of tree were for the healing

Of the nations, comfort each thing

And there shall be no more curse then

God and the Lamb's throne is therein


His servants, they shall serve Him there

Shall see His face, in great joys share

His name shall be on their foreheads

No fears, not condemnations, dreads


And there shall be no night, dark there

No need of candle, sun, to share

For the Lord God He gives them light

They shall reign for e'er in His sight


Shine on us Lord, to us appear

As your return draws ever near

Good Spirit, Christ dwells in our hearts

Fits us for heaven in all parts


'Til day eternal, light does dawn

Shall be the everlasting morn

Gone sin, death, fear, all that offends

With Christ, whose kingdom never ends




  • Goldfinch60

    Good one Orchi, may that light be forever with you.


    • orchidee

      Thanks Gold.

    • Neville

      I dont think I'm up to eternal elation mate .. I find raising a smile increasingly difficult .... but thanks for trying .......................

      • orchidee

        Thanks N. Fido won't let me have any swoony sort of 'elation' or 'enjoyment'.
        Hope you have at least a bit. Any good being elated ALL the time? Well, yep! Ya can't bit a bit of elation, I say.

      • Robert Haigh

        A highly accomplished write, orchidee! Very uplifting and joyous! Bravo!

        • orchidee

          Thanks R. I nearly ran out of words. It's the last Chapter of the whole Bible! lol

        • ANGELA & BRIAN

          BRIAN HERE ~ Good Monday Uncle Steve ~ thanks for a very uplifting Hymn & Poem ~ You are ina high praise mode for ADVENT ! My MUM is a bit of a NEUROPATH (Herbalist) and as a devout Christian believes that Plants provide all the remedies ! Actually a lot of modern medicines were originally from plants ! Please check our latest FUSION *MEMORIES* (you must have many !) and please add a POEM ~ Thanks A & B !!

          Blessings & Joy to YOU & Frollicking Fido !
          Love in the Spirit A & B & El Gato Ahumido !!!

          • orchidee

            Thanks A&B. I'm quite prepared to believe it. For example, how was penicillin before someone discovered it?! Whether we talk to trees and plants is another matter!
            Should I venture to Ch.... yet? Well, it's not that far off.

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