dusk arising

the artist

The artist takes up his materials.
All he will need for today's picture
gathered before him, his tools.
Upon this canvas he will paint,
create for the viewer a picture,
a picture magically unique.
For each viewer will see it from a different angle
so cleverly, in his cunning method today.
For there will be azure blue skies
above a wooded green land
where as a child he played,
and there, a separate picture
of his boyhood friend,
and there too his dog,
their favourite games and those bicycles!
But then those skies would cloud over..
..the darkness above foreboding.
A monochrome TV message warns
of war and despair and tortured heroism...
refugees trail over his canvas
promising their feeble lives of
enslavement to racketeers promises
of salvation across the ocean.
Packed into inflatable boats of hope and doom
afloat upon an ocean of despair
as the torment of approaching storm
creates a panic upon the artists canvas.
A moment to draw breath and relax
and collect his thoughts.
Could there be too much in this picture?
Would each manifestation portrayed reach his viewer?
Smugly the artist is assured - yes!
He places on the table before him his artistic hardware.
A hewlett-packard laptop is his easel
and words, his palette of choice.
For this poetic artist knows
each of his viewers will, with their own unique palette of life,
paint a picture vivid and alive within their mind
in colours never to be found in the visual artists shop.
They say a picture paints a thousand words
but this poets few hundred words this day
paint a moving picture - alive!
So alive upon the canvas of your mind.


  • Robert Haigh

    A thought-provoking write. Can a written piece be more vibrant than a masterful painting? Apples and oranges, I would say. They can both be great works of art, when their creator is truly creative. Interesting write!

    • dusk arising

      It's not a competition. Art is art. One persons perception is their own unique perception. With any art form there cannot be a 'best' therefore there cannot be a better than. What you perceive as more vibrant or not is your own personal judgement which may be shared by others but never by all.
      Lets face it, many people are completely 'blind' to poetry and many other art forms.

    • L. B. Mek

      just the mere vastness of subjects/atrocities touched upon and handled with such a degree of empathy and insight,
      means this has to be read - several times, to merely grasp and even then read a few more times to find its true meaning,
      a brilliant write! worth sharing again every few months

    • orchidee

      A fine write dusk.


      ANGELA HERE ~ Thanks DUSK for a very powerful TONE POEM which does indeed paint a very real & moving - time passing - picture. Thanks for reprising & sharing !

      Love & Peace to You & Yours
      Angela Brian Smokey ! ! !

    • Poetic Dan

      Ha ha! I have tooth ache and it's gone to my ear lol!

      Took me a while to get down this because my mind kept floating around in a beautiful picture but the way pulled me back in was fantastic!

      Think I'm all done and end on a high... Lol

    • Goldfinch60

      The art of both words and pictures created and music can mean so much to many of us, I can look at artworks and really be drawn into them so they can become part of me, similarly with words and probably more so with music but each of us see or hear different things within our own minds. That is the glory of it all, it can bring so much to us.
      Very good words d a, and this will go into my favourites.


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