Fay Slimm.





Oh for a yesterday
when moments of lavishly ripe
excitement flew
late sails of intention to make
rainbowed horizons.

Where rich and expectant life
cast new-told signs,            
when readiness held matches
to smouldering fires.

Oh for that yesterday
when racing, desire sped from
tight-fixed moorings,
left tracks of habit and entered
receptive conclusions.

Two stars plied without fanfare
      solicitous dishes,              
filled with delicious prospective 
of the unmissable.

Oh for a taste
of sated aliveness where covert
changed the forbidden           
into excitement gilding passion 
for yesterday-thrills.

When love lustily climbed aboard
for one more chance 
of unexplored rapture we created
nostalgia to last.  








  • Neville

    creating nostalgia to last is precisely what you have achieved here today ..

    not only that but you have hit on that certain something that only those of us who have been around for a while can recognise and appreciate fully ...

    I hasten to add that regardless of age, one can be nostalgic .. but then everything is relative and I know precisely what I mean ......

    simply splendid in your characteristic & unique style Fay... x

  • dusk arising

    Oh yes, I'd greedily accept a generous serving of that. Open up the picnic basket of meadow fresh adventure and let me savour the crisp bubbles, of champagne freshness tickling where fanciful desire might find......
    ........ once more, nay twice... oh careless wonder...... live again!

  • orchidee

    Good write Fay.


    ANGELA HERE ~ Thanks FAY for reprising the Joys of Yesterday ! We havent been married a year yet but we have stored up many memories to reprise when we get older ! Reminded me of \Pual McCartneys grestest hit YESTERDAY. We have just posted a FUSION *Memories* Im sure you could add a Poem. Our standard Poem today is *Christmas Crackers* with Michael Buble ~ *Its Beginning to Sound a lot like CHRISTMAS* ENJOY !

    Blessings & Love & Peace & Joy
    Angela Brian & Smokey XOXOX

  • Robert Haigh

    I love a good piece of nostalgia. Many fine memories are heavy laden with the stuff -- and no bad thing that. A beautifully poetic piece you have composed here, Fay! Quite brilliant!

  • Poetic Dan

    Only you do what you do and take my mind to a place of no regrets!

    Thank you for this!
    Much peace and respect

  • Goldfinch60

    Wonderful words Fay, that nostalgia is so wonderful in our lives, may it always be within us.


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