Note to self



Raise the roof. Let in no more light. 

Make it idiot proof so that no one gets in and none can escape.
Their own stupid games.
All the love never made, affections never shared, unkissed forgotten moments and depths left unexplored.
Darkest are those without intimacy, far from sympathy and compassion.
Destructive patterns forged when we were young.
Just becoming an older version
Subtler and more resistant to change.
A unique strain, Majestic in it's own flawed way.



  • Dasim

    True, beautiful and frightening all at once. Good write!


    Angela here ~ Good Evening RDS ~ Thanks for sharing an excellent Free Verse Poem replete with rhythm . This form is well suited to the PATHOS in your Poem & the Subject *How will we develop as we grow OLDER ?* Always remember *What we are ~ Genetically* is Our Parents Gift to US *What we make of Ourselves ~ Socially* is Our Gift back to Our Parents ! Fortunately they cant see s when we are well past *Our Sell by Date* ! Please visit our site ~ Thanks A & B !

    Love ~ Joy ~ Peace to You & Yours
    Angela Brian & Smokey Cat ! ! !

  • Poetic Dan

    Suit you sir!

  • Goldfinch60

    That last line says it all. Life is Majestic in it's own flawed way.


  • orchidee

    A fine write RDS.

  • L. B. Mek

    what a comprehensive and well considered summation of life as we perceive it, liked the introspective commentary elements especially, a great write full of poignantly crisp phrasing

  • Suresh

    Change is recognition, yet we are so resistant.
    A poetic introspection for me.

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