LIVE TO WORSHIP ANOTHER DAY

                                                    By Jimmy Walker


Churches with empty peers and stillness fill the sanctuary.

Preachers pulpit void of Warner's voice to sinner’s come today

The shouting and praises

Choirs singing blessed hymns

Now congregations in homes with uncertainty and fear

Being reminded of corona virus’ is real and going to church

Our government forbid

Saints and sinners must believe the corona virus is surely for real

Not conspiracy theory, COVID-19 is for real

That horrible red dragon with its fury and fire fall from its tail

Churches prevented from worshipping; the devil is at work.

A pandemic that first ever kept congregations at bay

Orders in place, stay home yet another Sunday.

Rendering one to pray, pray, pray, and rid oneself of party time and play.

Death and suffering as the pandemic change how we spend the day.

For God’s sake Pray. Have faith that this Pandemic shall go away.

That more lives shall live to worship another Day.



    Good Evening Brother ~ Brian & Angela Here ~ COVID 19 is indeed SATANIC and a result of Mans Greed for Meat and ignoring basic hygeine Rules ~ What Man sows ~ so shall he also reap. Like so many negative things it can turn out to the futherance of the GOSPEL ! In the UK we are praying & preaching on ZOOM & some are preaching on the Streets ~ AMEN. In a crisis People are more open to the Gospel & willing to accept a copy of The New Testament ! Our Prayer has been that GOD would enable the VIROLOGISTS to produce a VACCINE in record time and for it to be affordable & available for the WHOLE WORLD ! Our Prayers have been answered and this week the UK is the first Country in the WORLD to start a Mass Vacination Program ~ AMEN. To celebrate the true meaning of CHRISTMAS some of us are posting SPIRITUAL POEMS ON MPS ! Please check ours today *THE INCARNATION* Thanks A & B !

    Blessings & Joy & Peace to You & Yours
    Love in the Spirit Angela & Brian ! !

    • Blackhawkwings

      Good Evening Brother & Sister Brian & Angela: Holy greeting's from my abode here in Central Virginia, USA. All praise, majesty, honor and glory be unto the LORD God Almighty. I and family are doing well. I thank GOD for your message and that right well of the ministry; It is so true, people tend to think more serious about one salvation and belief, when crises arise. Thanks be to Jesus Christ's gospel and Believer's staying the course in spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ. May the LORD continually bless you and Angel in the Ministry.

      Your Fellow Servant in Christ,


      FYI: I have a cyber-ministry on Facebook, the Temple Of Faith Evangelism Church. Please keep our ministry in your prayers.

    • Jerry Reynolds

      Good read. True that. Stay safe and have a happy Holiday.

    • dusk arising

      Apart from making the person who prays feel better, what good did praying ever do. What did prayer do for those who died after their prayers? What good did a lifetime of prayer do for the person who then caught covid and died.
      Well.... apart from making YOU feel better, what does prayer do for anyone?

      • Goldfinch60

        So true d a, my wife prayed ALL her life but she was taken, not by Covid but by dementia - where was god!!


      • Robert Haigh

        Covid-19 is no hoax (how can anyone seriously believe that it is?!). Some people just love a conspiracy theory, but we all need to take care and follow sensible guidelines. My daughter-in-law was ill with Covid-19 , but thankfully she seems to have overcome it now. 2020 has been a terrible year for most of us.

      • FredPeyer

        Aloha Jim,
        thank you for this uplifting message. Well written!

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