Heraldic Harbinger

Tune: Dudley

('God is gone up on high')

Luke 1 v.11-17


Zacharias, he there

Temple service did share

Gabriel did appear

Then trembling and fear

Angel said, Zacharias, Fear

Not, I bring you words of good cheer

Not, I bring you words of good cheer


For your prayer it is heard

The Lord heeded your word

Your wife Elisabeth

Shall bear a son, 'tis saith

You shall call his name John, and you

And many shall rejoice anew

and many shall rejoice anew


For he shall sure be great

In the Lord's sight, shall sate

Neither wine nor strong drink

But on the Lord bethink

Shall be filled with the Spirit e'en

From mother's womb it shall be seen

From mother's womb it shall be seen


Many of the people

That be of Israel

He shall turn to the Lord

Their God, shall hear His word

Shall go in the spirit and power

Of Elijah, blessing's showers

Of Elijah, blessing's showers


Shall turn hearts of parents

To children, and too thence

Hearts of children shall be

Turned unto parents' see

And disobedient be turned

To wisdom of the jsut and learned

To wisdom of the just and learned


So making a people

Ready for the Lord all

Prepared so, for he, John

Baptist, prophetic one

His mission set, he goes before

To prepare the Lord's way for sure

To prepare the Lord's way for sure



  • orchidee

    I was there (verse 3), making sure John had no strong drink. I added water to it of course!

  • dusk arising

    And the lord seth unto Moses
    come forth
    but he came fifth
    and won a bag of peanuts

    • orchidee

      Doh! Thanks dusk.

    • Robert Haigh

      Another fine write, orchidee! As I have said before, you have a true talent for writing enjambed lines and still maintaining the flow! Some writers use nothing but end-stopped lines all the time, which can appear a little too mechanical after a while. You have a God-given talent!

      • orchidee

        Thanks Robert. Sometimes it's that I just run out of syllables. then waffle on to the next line.
        Such as the 'Not, I bring you words of good cheer' line!

      • Dove

        I agree with Robert, yes keeping the syllables to the set amount can be tricky! I usually add Oh, or Yes!

        • orchidee

          Thanks RB. Sometimes, also, we may be able to add in words such as: and, then, they, we; etc. Not all at once, or we'll be talking rubbish. Aww, why they say 'No change there then?' to me! lol. Who are 'they'? heehee.

        • ANGELA & BRIAN

          Good Evening Uncle STEVE we love the KARYOKE video. WE know the tune ~ but not the words ~ we have enjoyed singing along to it ~ AMEN Love the Scriture *JOHN THE BAPTIST* is one of our fave NT Characters ! Thanks for sharing ~ AMEN !

          Blessings & Joy to you & Fesyive Fido !
          Spirit Love ~ Angela Brian & El Gato ! ! !

          • orchidee

            Thanks A&B.

          • Goldfinch60

            Good one Orchi.

            • orchidee

              Thanks Gold.

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