Idyll of a rational life


I look in myself at the worst times and add a factor of ten for all the hurt I never felt or understood when equating good from bad.

It's a sad fact or a knack with axioms and probabilities. Like seeing somebody's a wrong 'un, if not now the later on when things start going wrong and they run.

All ties undone, a future unknown and history broken, left to ruin or updated. Repopulate by other figures, untrusted spectres passing like silent shadows stealing moments from my losing streak of self-worth.

Betting respect on a high stake bluff.

The future is a feeling that you haven't had enough. Somewhere we've never been and will never find again. The growing differences a rush! New and mysterious. Drawing us in to dust becoming, dust arriving, dust blown traveller's trailing the sun. Bone bleached before life tasted sweet, toiling to make ends meet and keep from falling off one edge or another.

Cast under sometimes sounds secure with echoes of rest and composure.

It can seem the best thing in an instant but in the same sense nothing better can ever happen again.

Random encounters are excluded from such a determined course. Fractal thoughts that order chaos. Both captivating and terrifying.

People wonder about the cause, the source of torment for someone unnormal, not playing by the same rules, living in the average world. It's understood that they are disturbed, an imbalance, deficient abnormality or some ready hypothesis of early years trauma. Curable with pills and chemical prescriptions for a dose of existence.

We imagine there's no harm going along or becoming a supporter and arresting any further thought on matters.

Because it's better than what you had before. A better way to be led astray than being in denial. There's no crime in fanciful ideas but what if it's time to be determined and not filled with hope?

What if we should express these feelings not choke them down. Conflicted with emotions about disturbances in the workplace but just who said this job brought play to an end?

Who made society a poor friend and, unprepared, a great weight to be saddled upon the backs of those who least expected to carry the day. Made unready by the steady erosion of care and compassion, attitude and vision to see beyond problems. A future made uniform and predictable so much easier to control and and enough rope for any fools who rock boats. 

  • Author: RDS (Offline Offline)
  • Published: December 19th, 2020 18:52
  • Comment from author about the poem: Back at work and forced to think about what's happening it seems I'm looking through a broken glass darkly. Happy turkey drumsticks everyone!
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  • orchidee

    That's a lot of thinking RDS. I wouldn't have enough brain cells to do all that thinking! lol.

    • RDS

      Thanks orchidee, I just love thinking and don't mind that it sometimes gets me down. Our minds are an infinite source of wonder I wish I could capture in poetry.

    • L. B. Mek

      brilliantly executed, a stream of consciousness penned with acute social commentary and insightful musings of alternatives to all the dreary that threatens to choke the merry out of 2020,
      I'm with you dear Poet, let us fight back and reach for what little respite we can salvage,
      who ever said what comes next will be any better? Let's 'choose' to make the best of 'what now' we can grasp and let tomorrow backpack our burdens, at least for the last few days of this accursed year anyway!
      what comes next? well those fear mongers have that covered already...

      • RDS

        Than you for a detailed reply L.B. I'm glad you liked it and yes, lets be determined to bring more feeling to 2021!

      • A Boy With Roses

        This poem is too damn good. One of the best poems I've read on here since my year of joining this site. Every line is thoughtful, and in my case, relatable. A poem I wish I could've written myself. Very Walt Whitman of you! X

        • RDS

          Thanks for the praise my friend! I naturally blush at the comparison, I'm not such a contrary wordsmith but I'll try my best to pen some small measure of his greatness. I'm glad you took the time to read and comment and found it so relatable.

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