Pandemonium attachment



Visor cascading rain, continuously spotted as drops explode from buffeted sheets sweeping across the open heath.
Passing lights refracting in a Christmas street vision, bright twinkles prismed in spots and trickles.
One finger smears a mirror, swipes a clear view momentarily.
Frequently, a balance of twists and precipitation. A, safety equation until the next caf or petrol station, to pull in and wait out the worst or at the least wringing out my sleeves and pulling back out with a clean dry screen. A relay system and break point. Smarter than attention wandering from the road, poor braking control and nowhere left to go.
Letting go of emotion, submitting to every condition without struggling. Riding the wind and leaning in to the world, trusting my senses and assessing every twitch in every nerve. Feeling which way the flow lies, which way the crow flies. Hearing the tyres hissing, every tick of the hours steaming from the engine.
There's never been the phenomenon, the record of a rusty man but without immersion I feel close to him and on the edge of something. Fatigued and mentally spent in every traffic jam, junction crossed and the miles passed.
I didn't really find what I went out for but came closer to the meaning of riding, some reasons to be living and even more reasons to keep looking forward.

  • Author: RDS (Offline Offline)
  • Published: December 23rd, 2020 16:36
  • Comment from author about the poem: Yesterday, a nice day out!
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  • Fay Slimm.

    Submission's the word when trying to master the weather conditions here too my friend - - a cloudburst of wet had me in the same pickle but reading your well written experience left me knowing far more about the tricks needed to deal with such pandemoniums. A smile of a day out eh ?

    • RDS

      The day began with a sunshine smile and by lunchtime the irony of thinking "nice day for a ride" hit me with some force! Not the best day out.

    • Clara

      This speaks to me of a certain acceptance of the journey and all it entails... Both the good and the bad. Knowing it is all part of the process. Quite a visual piece too. Enjoyed this one.

      • RDS

        You are right Clara, I don't think it's possible to stay alive riding if you aren't prepared fo and ready for every eventuality, emotionally calm. Though the other day I realised a new ¿tier of detachment and emotionless flow that focused on me-bike-road...haha almost spiritual. I'm glad you enjoyed it and left a comment.

      • Poetic Dan


        • RDS

          Haha glad you liked it Dan, it was so good I repeated the experience yesterday!

          • Poetic Dan

            Ha! Fantastic and I'll have to admit my mind would love to hear you spit all of this! As I honestly get a bit lost each time I read it, although I guess that's the trip you give 😉

          • Goldfinch60

            The journeys we take in our lives can be hard at times but we must always look forward because our lives will be so wonderful.


            • RDS

              Andy, ys it is the ups and downs, the way we handle them that grows and makes us stronger, better able to be decent people to each other. Thanks for reading and reflecting.

              • RDS

                Amen Andy, there's so much more to see and time to interact than looking at the past. I hope your Christmas was a celebration of sorts my friend.

              • orchidee

                Good write RDS.
                I was trying to keep the cat in the dry, out of the rain. while putting the dustbins out! When I had finished, the sun came out. Doh!

              • L. B. Mek

                but see what that's yielded, from those twists of fate pulling our unsuspecting mind's to those shallow states of discomfort, we cultivate an understanding that shines our focus on all the good we readily ignore, as clouds - slide with time, to switch our perception of horizon's and we're left pondering: what ever happened to taint the majesty within twilight's - to have us blink past their wonder: busily,
                traversing robotically from A to B and back to A, endlessly...
                a great write in your signature immersive style dear Poet,
                thanks for inspiring my little scribbled reply,
                Happy holidays 🍻

                • RDS

                  Thanks L. B. that was a beautifully penned comment and so much in the spirit of the poem. Thanks for diving in my friend.

                • Suresh

                  That's the way nature has a laugh at our expense.

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