Poetic Dan

River of thoughts to an ocean of dreams

May the river of thoughts

Deliver to the ocean of dreams

Holding depths no bodys in between

Resistance drifts into currents unknown

For the soul to return and the spirit roam

Absorbed by the sun, everything & nothing at once

Rippling into the cycle on the journey of life

Where memories carry passion to live in love & light


  • orchidee

    A sensitive write Dan.

    • Poetic Dan

      Ha! As is life... Always appreciated my friend!

    • dusk arising

      Cancer is just evil Dan. I lost my brother to it about 5 years back and it had a go at me last year. I came away from it very sick from the treatments but although they never give the all clear, they tell me the treatments worked. They keep an eye on me. Why do i tell all this... easy answer... to get cancer out and away from the terrified cupboard.... the best thing anyone can do for themselves about cancer is to expect to get it, look for it and report it early.... that way they can treat it.... if you're scared of it and wont report yer symptoms it'll kill ya.
      The best tool anyone can have is a positive frame of mind - facing up to it and telling yourself you're going to win. These days it can be cured if caught early. My brother was negative about it and it killed him. He was afraid to face up to it and it had him.
      I tell this to everyone when the subject arises.

      Yes, as your post says, our thoughts are the foundations upon which our dreams romance. Carry the good thoughts of good experiences and let those other thoughts fall into the mists of unwelcome. I think that encourages a healthier mind, a more positive outlook, a happier life.
      Just like my old pal 'desiderata' encourages, be proud of your achievements - there will always be greater and lesser persons - be at one with who you actually are.

      Wishing you and yours a safe and healthy new year Dan and many more happy years to come.

      • Poetic Dan

        Let it all out my friend your truth I never fail to feel at home with, bringing a positive frame on mind! I still believe we underestimate the power of thoughts and beliefs as we are way more sensitive than most want to admit!

        Every call in our body is communicating with all life around us! Cancer in my opinion is much more complex for the medical science to ever solve. Unless we truly look at what emotional stress does, as for it is unique to each soul that is in bodied!

        Thanks for always being raw and real, I do hope your new year brings more light around your wonderful soul because you definitely deserve it!

        Still got you pinned on my map for when I take a trip to Wales!

        Take care, Stay savvy!

        • dusk arising

          LOL @ you mate. I'm not in wales... though i love the place for its raw wilderness places. I am in Worcester city. When the pandemic is under control i plan on doing a lot of motoring and overnight stays in my car or van so you may find me saying hello to you and the saarf coast before long.

          Re cancer. It's now been proven that a positive mindset/attitude towards illness actually produces the bodies natural interferon which combats infection including cancers. I suspected a cancer before it was diagnosed so, being a fairly positive - glass half full - kind of bloke, i was ready to fight it. My advice will always be, never run away from thoughts u may have a cancer infection, face up to it and be ready and willing to fight it with everything you've got. If you give in, it'll kill ya.

          I'm really looking forward to getting out and about in 2021 when it's safe to do so again. I'm retired now and have so much i want to do and see.

        • Bragee

          πŸ™πŸΎ πŸ™πŸΎπŸ™πŸΎ

          • Poetic Dan

            Much appreciated! Thank you

          • Jerry Reynolds

            Sorry for your loss. Be well.

            • Poetic Dan

              Thank you, always appreciated

            • FredPeyer

              I like your poem, P D, and I think it sounds much nicer to say that I am surrounded by dreams than just water!

              • Poetic Dan

                Thanks buddy, water does hold memory's so technically....

                Have a good one and thanks again for popping back to see in a new year!

                Much peace and respect

              • Fay Slimm.

                Your inner essence shines with love and humility in this verse of tribute to one lovely lady who now departed leaves inspirational lessons for those who know of her battle with cancer. Thanks for this beautiful read Dan which is now in my list of favourites.

                • Poetic Dan

                  To be in your list and read your words have me goosebumps twice! I'm on the right road when you come skipping along, thanks for always filling my mind with new words to search!

                  Happy new year to you my dear!

                • Goldfinch60

                  This is a wonderful poem Dan and may you live in love and light forever.


                  • Poetic Dan

                    With your spirit it will never be far!!

                  • FineB

                    Thank you Poetic Dan.

                    An inspirational write.

                    We shouldn't lose hope in our lives especially through this pandemic.

                    Keep writing ✍ and safe during these challenging times.

                    • Poetic Dan

                      I never lose hope as I listen to my soul!

                      Always appreciate your time my friend

                      Keep up the write

                    • L. B. Mek

                      within your choice words of nature anchored transparency - we too, recognise those emotions - we could not gather to form tangible thought's, let alone have them be versed: so poetically...
                      thanks for sharing your comforting words of wisdom dear Poet,
                      Happy New Year, stay safe

                      • Poetic Dan

                        Each time I read this I felt goosebumps and unsure what to say but could never thank you enough for each word you gave! As I pull out from the dark your becon said I'm doing okay!

                        Stay Savvy and have a fantastic day!

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