Could We Start Again Please? (A Poem at New Year's)

With the passing of the Yule,

I am reminded of Jesus, via

The rock anthem penned by

Lloyd-Webber and Rice, and

With this year, being the hell

It has been, I repeat that ever

Apposite lyric, over and over

Again, could we start again please?


Much has been taken, much has stalled,

Everywhere gridlocked, and the news,

Stale, swilling the same cocktail, then it’s

Served to us, as gruel, with us lapping

It up; like voracious workhouse children,

However, look forward, this hurt won’t last,

Thus, we better make sure that we learn fast,

So, I repeat, could we start again please?   


Let’s contain the pain, banish the virus,

And let the little island I call home,

Begin again, and let our minds retune

To improve ourselves, so we can lessen the wars,

Decrease the scars, so that we can become

Superstars, instead of division and dissatisfaction,

Why not try to become a better faction, thus

I recap again, could we start again please?


So, let’s forget 2020, but let’s face it, it’ll

Be hard to do so, so instead let it be

A learning curve for all, on how to fill our time,

To be creative, to be thankful, and give those

Lonely hearts a call, thus, let’s repair; this despair,

By giving a care, thus, 2021 we welcome you with open

Desperate arms, in the hope of much ease,

Thus, I implore to you, could we start again please?   


  • Jerry Reynolds

    Good read. Have a Happy New Years Eve.

    • AuburnScribbler

      Thank you, Jerry!

      A Happy New Year to you too, and please do take care.

    • orchidee

      Erm, well we always do start the year again, after 12 months, but I see what you mean! Good write A.

      • AuburnScribbler

        I know that orchidee, just that for 2021; all of us may need an entirely clean slate, to completely start again, but I think you know that too.

        Thanks again for reading, Happy New Year, and please do take care.

      • FineB

        A great write AuburnScribbler,

        You have captured magnificently the unusual year that was 2020.

        Happy New Year and here's to a more hopeful 2021.
        Keep writing ✍ and safe during these challenging times.

        • AuburnScribbler

          Thank you very much for your kind words FineB.

          Happy New Year to you as well, and yeah, here's to better times ahead!

          Keep scribbling yourself, and please do take care.

        • Goldfinch60

          Such true words Ben, the New Year will be wonderful.


          • AuburnScribbler

            Thanks for the read, Andy, and I like your optimism, it "will" be wonderful!

            Happy New Year to you, and please do take care.

          • orchidee

            You started again yet?! (heehee).

            • AuburnScribbler

              I've made a start... by taking down the Christmas decorations, does that count? (Ha ha ha!)

            • orchidee

              Yes, that counts! Don't leave 'em longer than Jan 6th, or it's bad luck - if I believed in 'luck' which I don't. Do shut up now Orchi. lol.

              • AuburnScribbler

                Good, good!

                Everything Christmassy is down now, so no bad luck hopefully (hahaha!)

                The house looks a bit bare now though, the punctuation of a New Year's beginning eh?

                Again, please do take care.

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