Poetic Dan

Freedoms expanding, no questioning if permission was granted!

I told her it was the end of the year, she looked at me still waiting to hear!

Looking down was all lifes moments unfolding, a reflection gazing up asking for only loves holding

A freedom is already expanding no questioning if permission was granted!

Not waiting for the perfect day, a calendar to say what to celebrate, each one is a gift to dance away!

The past is never gone and the future is always unwritten, we can only learn to grow from each second of existence!

I'll keep staying savvy as all life was in the beginning, absorbing history so it's not repeating, to move beyond the point of only just surviving!

Seeing through the new generation on what I've been missing, a view in awe once we stop over thinking!

Today has started lower than I'd liked, yet no longer can I wonder whats wrong with mind. Everything that happens is as its ment to be, part of this lifes light & dark poetic symphony!

Coming back to remember all we needed was the air that we breathe, when we are most lost we're bound to find greater complexity!

For it all to melt away by one word, look or touch from another human being! 


  • dusk arising

    Interesting to read your comment about blame. You are happy and you are to blame for that.

    "Life's light and dark poetic symphony" what a great phrase you have made there. "All I need is the air that I breathe" is really a statement of contentment which is why i chose it for my music the other day. Long ago i accepted myself for what I am and how i think i fit/don't fit into the way of things. That ended all inner conflicts. Accepting the past had passed there really was no point in dwelling upon those events... exactly as your learned words tell today. You have travelled far Dan.

    • Poetic Dan

      Yes I think I'll definitely keep humming that phrase, as I honestly feel it every day!!

      My past is gone, I wrote hundreds of poems to say so long! Now my future is unwritten and I'm proud to be who I am in every moment!

      Thanks again for this mornings tune, truly blessed to connect with you! May the guidance you offer bring more balance in life!

    • Neville

      Sound advice from DA Dan ... I am glad you captured your feelings and shared them here with us ... I get the feeling you have moved forward during these last 12 very difficult months .... write on sir ....


    • Fay Slimm.

      What a beautiful reason that gorgeous baby for staying on top and not going under - - your loving heart and positive outlook shines out from this reading dear Dan.......... keep that ink flowing my friend.

    • Goldfinch60

      You have come such a long way Dan, yes we may feel a bit down sometimes but you know that your life is so much better so those down times are moments that have passed and each new moment will be special, treasure each one.

      Love the picture.


    • FineB

      Hi Poetic Dan,

      A wonderful poem poignant and beautiful.

      Keep writing ✍ and safe during these challenging times.

    • Maxine Smith

      Always be proud of who you are and your journey.

      Understanding that even when we come so far, we can still dip, then feel frustrated when this happens.

      It’s okay not to feel okay sometimes, just getting back on your journey is what matters, becoming stronger and more resilient.

      A beautiful Poem Dan.

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