Kevin Michael Bloor

One Brighter Day

The times we live in are unique,
but these tough times will not be bleak
if blessed by fortune, face to face,
you're held in someone’s warm embrace.

And though I’m far from erudite,
in poetry, I’ve learned to write,
but not for those, with someone dear;
they need no one; their loved one’s near!

My pen is poised for them now prone
to sail a stormy sea alone.
I don’t pry and I’m not preaching;
but true love’s within their reaching!

For solitaries, I feel pity.
Now that sounds trite, I know, and shitty,
but I once walked a lonely road,
all friendless, and so I wrote an ode:

to loneliness, for lonely people,
that Christ, (not found in church, with steeple)
they'd meet along the road they'd wander,
as I did, when alone I’d ponder.

And loneliness in lock-down city
paints putrid picture far from pretty,
but dawn will break one brighter day
for those who turn to Christ today!


  • Fay Slimm.

    A piece of honest and very well rhymed appeal which not only moves the heart of this reader but will inspire those who lonely need its penned advice. A fine write Kevin.

  • Maxine Smith

    A very sincere, lonely write.

    Beautifully written Kevin.

  • Goldfinch60

    A very profound write Kevin and your words "(not found in church, with steeple)" are so meaningful as organised religion is a farce, I dismissed organised religion when my wife was taken from me by dementia and eventually passed. She had been singing the christian praises all her life, I was a Chaplain at one point but once I dismissed organise religion it was as though a weight ha been lifted from me.
    I still believe in god, but it is my god. I also believe that Jesus existed but look upon him as the first Hippie making love not war.

    As Dave Allen always said "May your God go with you"


    • Kevin Michael Bloor

      Thanks Andy. I too left the church, but retained (recovered) my faith in God and Jesus. I recently got married in a Methodist Church, but wouldn't frequent it. My son is a minister and we often have our 'God talks.' He think I'm an old backslider and keeps inviting me to his church. lol. Think I'll stick to my poetry! All the best Andy. God Bless! Kevin, poet for JC.

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