Julie B

Where ?

Kept away from all the truth , all the whispers hurt my head had to read between the lines ... So insecure behind my door in my head  .. I was loved I was wanted ... but somewhere inbetween i got lost . Not on purpose , just misplaced . Lost feeling absent .. I thought everything had a place ... but where was mine ? Where did i belong ? Insecure no open doors , curled up in a ball upon the floor . Confused and scared , was I ever really heard .. Just misplaced like a forgotton toy .


  • FredPeyer

    You are not only heard, you are read too! Wonderful writing that makes one think.

  • Julie B

    Thankyou FredPeyer

  • Goldfinch60

    Never misplaced Julie you are here with your words and are part of life.


    • Julie B

      Thankyou for your lovely reply Andy

    • L. B. Mek

      an enjoyable read,
      but I cant help thinking you stopped your chain of thoughts a little early, if you continued to question and hypothesise those underlying causes for how you're feeling, sooner than later: you'll find a more firm ground of self-realisation to end your words on,
      any worthwhile answers to those governing questions in our lives are usually mined from within,
      just gota dig a little deeper to find that well of wisdom we have been accruing with each sharp turn or stumble of life

    • Julie B

      Thankyou so much . You are right In what you say . I did lose my chain of thought ... looking back on my Poem. Iam going to re-write it . Hopefully it will be more depth in it .

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