My Apology

I miss you
Not just because of our fight
or that we haven't talked since that night
I miss you
You smiling, you laugh
Worlds collapse, sometimes crash
My first memory of you, you stole my bike
From then on, brother for life
Through the ups and downs, we both made mistakes
But for me, you cant be replaced

I cant have our last fight be our last words
I cant have our last fight be our last

I wont except a world without you in it
My brother, my ride or die. please sit
I have things I need to apologize for
I broke promises i never thought i would before
I promised to always be there for you, i was not
At the end my rage is all you got
No explanation, no talking, i just threw you out the door

I promised i would always show you support, that night i fell further than short
I should have never just thrown you away like i did that night
What i did was not right
The way i treated you, as just barely a person
You messed up, but in that instant, i acted like stone

I cant say all that i feel
I do not blame you if you do not care

I would like one day to talk again
But it is up to you if and when


  • Poetry_Lover

    Amazing! It's a hard thing, owning up to what we have put others through. We often think its best to forget. However we need that closure to fully move on. Beautiful piece.

  • Goldfinch60

    Such an emotive write, I am sure that one day you will be talking again.


  • L. B. Mek

    what a wonderful write of raw emotive transparency you've sculpted out of all that pain (imagined or real),
    may your words reach those you yearn to connect with once again and may you find some solace in the bravery you've demonstrated by penning and sharing your introspection's fruits,
    thank you!

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