In the Presence of a Mighty Storm

Samer Amin




 In the presence of a mighty storm, all trees bend, shiver and quake.




In the presence of a mighty storm, the submissive sea gives allegiance, and towards the helpless shore, promptly expels its wrath




In the presence of a mighty storm, the Blue Dome becomes intoxicated with the horror of angry hurricanes, and to the domination of their tyranny, it gives way.




In the presence of a mighty storm, the hypocritical dark clouds, hurry to please the fierce storm by blocking the bright innocent sun.




In the presence of a mighty storm, the wild beasts become more rational, and they rush wisely, towards the comfort of their dens, in search of safety. 




In the presence of a mighty storm, you alone on your lofty summit, are still able to mock storms, winds, and rains.




In the presence of a mighty storm, you alone on your lofty summit, the blazing fire of your glowing spirit, cannot be extinguished by the storms of calamities.




In the presence of a mighty storm, the damaging merciless wind can only give your wings more power and more strength.




In the presence of a mighty storm, you alone are still able to spread your wings on the devastating wind, and keep singing your Psalm, despite the Deafening Screams.



  • Author: Samer Amin (Offline Offline)
  • Published: January 12th, 2021 01:12
  • Category: Unclassified
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  • Goldfinch60

    So many storms in our lives but all have been seen to their end.


    • Samer Amin

      Thank you Andy!

      I tried in these lines to illustrate the various kinds of reactions, that anyone could adopt when a storm blows or a calamity strikes.

      Because, It mainly depends upon the intrinsic nature of everyone, which stipulates how he would react in this case, I mean, whether he would surrender or resist these challenging events.

    • orchidee

      Good write Samer.

      • Samer Amin

        Thank you so much, you kind words means a lot.

      • RDS

        Beautiful evocative verses Samer, I really like some of your wordplay here, emotive and imaginative in service of the dramatic.
        Something I will enjoy reading again thanks.

        • Samer Amin

          Thank you so much! I feel so happy because you liked these lines.

          I tried to paint a kind of vivid imagery through projecting some anthropomorphic characteristics upon some elements of the nature, in order to illustrate how can the inherent intrinsic nature of every living being might get revealed when getting under a huge test like being ''in the presence of a mighty storm''.

          Thank you again for your encouraging words.

          • RDS

            Yes Samer! That, anthropomorphic quality is exactly what I was going to mention but that is just a stylisation of your imagination, not the sum of it. I wanted to reflect how they brought the poem alive. Yes it is as if you have made the storm a creature some kind of animal we can fear or shout down.

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