Voice Vanguard

Tune: Richmond

('Fill thou my life, O Lord my God')

John 1 v.19-27 parts


John witnessed to priests and Levites

Replied to their invites

Of 'Who are you?' 'What shall we say

To enquirers today?'


John said, I am the voice of one

Preparing way of Son

Way of the Lord, making it straight

Enter by narrow gate


They said, If you not Christ, nor be

Elijah, prophet, see

Why do you baptise? John did say

I answer you, here stay


I baptise with water, but there

Be one here, I do share

With you, that you do Him not know

E'en Christ, God's Son, 'tis so


He is before me, ranks higher

Than me, more place preferred

His shoe's latchet I unworthy

To unloose, great He be


  • Neville

    I hear there are those who believe a vanguard is either a security officer or a modified front n rear bumper set ....

    and if my memory serves correctly, there were 501 Levites ........

    All joking aside, you are without any doubt Steven, the most prolific scriber of hymn-poems I am likely ever to encounter .......... write on ..

    • orchidee

      Thanks N.
      Well, I checked the exact meaning of 'vanguard', and yep, a security firm came up! Sounds a good word though. lol.
      Charles Wesley wrote over 8,000 hymns. Erm, I've one one to two to write, to catch up with him. More like several thousands!

    • Goldfinch60

      Good one Orchi.

      • orchidee

        Thanks Gold.

      • Suresh

        You have a way
        To prose a say

        • orchidee

          Thanks Suresh.

        • Robert Southwick Richmond

          You'd think I'd remember having sung a tune called RICHMOND, but I didn't, at least not till i heard it. I can sing your words to it, though.

          Typo, line 3: I suppose you meant 'say'.

          • orchidee

            Thanks Robert.

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