Robert Southwick Richmond

Whiskey and Blood Run Together




I met a fellow, is starting a blood bank for virgins

and the mutually monotonous, since the Virus arrived,

in America’s very own Bantustan, among the born again

who conform to I Thes. 4, 3 as well as


21 CFR 600;

and on the tilting RISD couches

with the #15 needles all stuck in

he’ll tell them all about the Saving Blood.


And I think he believes in the Easter Bunny

and in Mary Phagan, and for all I know

little Hugh of Lincoln, bleeding among the cookies.


I have no truck with these hematological metaphors

but will go with my three strong daughters

for whom no PVC plastic, Barbie or bag,

is immolated upon remembering altars,

and with all of you, when I don’t hear nobody pray.


  • Doggerel Dave

    I hate to have to ask you, but can I have the whiskey?
    Apart from that, sorry you've lost me beyond the fact of blood donation and attendant hazards.
    As an aside: Years ago I was a blood donor in London. The collection point was The Crypt, St Martin in the Fields - I still have the invitation card somewhere.

    • Robert Southwick Richmond

      I've long been interested in the incorporation of technical language into poetry, but I don't think this particular attempt was entirely successful. – I had to quit donating blood when I got permanently anticoagulated after having a heart valve replacement 19 years ago – I go argue with them occasionally. – The Crypt! The Dracula metaphor is used in blood donor recruitment in some limited circumstances – works with college students.

    • Jerry Reynolds

      Dont want to get that Devils bug HIV

      • Robert Southwick Richmond

        HIV has been almost entirely eliminated from donor blood - probably one positive unit slips through per year in the US - among something like 12 million donations. Hepatitis C has about the same statistics.

      • dusk arising

        Keep that whiskey stuff out of your system I'd say. Try whisky instead, it's the genuine article.

        • Robert Southwick Richmond

          I guess you mean Scotch, which I rarely drink. That country song would specify cheap bourbon.

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