MIDNIGHT TRILOGY (2) Around Midnight.

Doggerel Dave

Notice of absence from Doggerel Dave
Not absent - still here!
Keep Calm and Carry On Poeming. 😂

I placed one foot in front of the other   

Late at night in a northern English town.                                         

Through a northerly gale in November

With a wind chill which all but bought me down.


I’d been dropped by a bus around midnight

For a job interview the coming day;              

No normal public service in daylight

Left me with this trip as the only way.


My core temperature on the shut down

Much needed shelter absent from the street,

I could see two lights only in the town,

One, a five star inn was far too elite.  


For me it wasn’t really an option;

At the time I earned just enough to eat.                                  

The second light had to be salvation -

This a blue light at the end of the street.


Yes, it was of course a police station,                

The reception area small and spare.             

The desk sergeant gave me his attention

And scoped me with his professional stare.  


Managed to explain my situation

With mouth frozen almost beyond repair,              

And while there were holes in my narration  

The sins he was searching for just weren’t there.


He allowed me a seat in reception;      

After outside my condition felt sweet                                             

Because this way it was a salvation                

From a slow lingering end on the street.        


The next hour there were no other punters             

Either casual or under arrest.                                                          

The sergeant was not busy with others   

So he offered me a mug of his best ->  


Well brewed tea and for this I was grateful;   

Also a biscuit - it felt like a treat,                                                    

(Could have done with hot water and towel  

To give comfort to my half frozen feet). 


On returning the mug I was offered

The chance to kip for the rest of the night;    

I hesitated and then accepted         

A downstairs cell which by then felt alright.  


The cell was clean if a little spartan;

But the mattress an upgrade from the chair-   

Asked if the door be closed or left open,        

He accepted my choice of - just ajar.


With my head on my pack as my pillow

I thought I might dine out on this one day, 

Not realizing when feeling mellow

That lines of doggerel would have a say.




  • Author: Doggerel Dave (Pseudonym) (Offline Offline)
  • Published: January 16th, 2021 06:39
  • Comment from author about the poem: Late ‘60’s. Truly the coldest I’ve ever been in my life. Didn’t get the job. I was working in theatre at that time (behind the scenes – no ‘to be or not to be’ for me).That small town had an even smaller Repertory theatre......(sour grapes?)
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  • Jerry Reynolds

    Well written Dave. The things we do.

    • Doggerel Dave

      Thanks Jerry - and as always, there's a lot I didn't, but looking back at a quite circuitous path with a few dead ends, there's not much I regret.

    • FredPeyer

      Well written, Dave. You drew me in and I could feel the cold. Kudos!

      • Doggerel Dave

        Great, Fred - happy to live in Hawaii ?

        • FredPeyer

          Grew up in Switzerland, lived in Montreal, now thirty-two years in Hawaii. I had my share of cold, but now my old bones are much better off here. Miss the seasons sometimes though.

        • dusk arising

          EE BAH GUM lad, luxury.... tha got to spend a neet in't cells an ya never got beat up fost... luxury.

          Thems breeds us 'ard in't north lad.

          • Doggerel Dave

            🙂 'Take your word for that, dusk: was a very brief foray into the wilds up there.

          • Goldfinch60

            Good story Dave which shows that there were (and are) good people around us.


            • Doggerel Dave

              Yes Andy - 'tis ofttimes true.....
              Glad you liked my yarn.


            • Neville

              .............. You tell a mean tale DD

              • Doggerel Dave

                Glad you don't mind plodding through it, one stanza after another, Nev.

              • Fay Slimm.

                Ah - am still experiencing the chill you describe well in this part of your trilogy Dave - a visit you will never forget methinks to that small northern town and told so realistically I was almost there - that cell could tell some tales I bet but yours would be hardly believed - - an amazing memory compellingly rhymed.

                • Doggerel Dave

                  Great Fay. I feel I might be over egging it when I quote "what doesn't kill me, makes me stronger." but the situation was dire and when I managed to extract myself from it in this way, I was!

                • sorenbarrett

                  This was a great tale. In all my adventures in life I can't say I have done this. Desperation breeds ingenuity. I decided to take your advice on the last poem and soon will tell a tale of my past. Thanks for the great story.

                  • Doggerel Dave

                    I'm glad you made that decision, Soren. My taste is for more reality and less metaphorical counting of navel fluff.
                    I hope for many stories, not just one!

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